Saturday, December 1, 2012

Olmert: Announcement 'To Replace the Prime Minister' - This Week

Former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert didn't offer anything new about his decision to return to politics, at a one-on-one conversation at the Saban Forum in Washington. When asked by David Ignatius, whether he has decided to run for Prime Minister in the upcoming elections: "I am going 2 make an announcement to the Israeli public when I return to Israel," Olmert responded. Dinging Romney for his visit to Israel, Olmert said it would not be appropriate to discuss politics on foreign land.

"The government in Israel has to be changed. The policies must be changed, and the 'Likud Beitenu' party is not going to change it.  So, in any event, I will be very active in the upcoming elections. My full capacity and effort to 'replace the Prime Minister' will be discussed when I am back in Israel, Olmert added.