Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Netanyahu Kicks off Likud Beitenu Campaign: "Don't Waiste Your Vote."

"Who do Israeli voters think is the most suitable candidate to deal with the Iranian threat? With the missile threat? With the threat of terror?" Prime minister Netnayahu asked supporters in Jerusalem at the official kick off of the Likud Beitenu campaign for January 22 polls.

"When they enter the polling station I urge them to ask just one question," he said. "Who do they think is the most suitable person to be their prime minister and lead Israel for the next four years? Who do they think is the most equipped for dealing with the Iranian issue and with the threat of terrorism? Who has the experience and the responsibility to deal with the financial crisis? Who is the most suitable man to secure our children's future?
"Citizens of Israel, don't waste your vote," he said. "Voting for the sectoral parties would be a mistake that will weaken Israel."

“We must have a flood of votes for the Likud as an answer to the storm surrounding us,” Netanyahu said, referring to the international criticism of his announcements on building plans in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

Lieberman urged Israel's citizens to vote for Likud-Beitenu "so that the world will know that a strong and central force represents the people of Israel, and that a few loudmouths are irrelevant."