Saturday, December 22, 2012

Netanyahu in Private Conversation: I Want to Represent 'Main Street' in my Next and 'Maybe' Last Term

Yosi Elitov, Assistant editor and political correspondent for the Hebrew mispacha magazine has some interesting excerpts that were leaked (by intention?) from a conversation Prime Minister Netanyahu had last week with a close and admired Jerusalem Journalist.

"My third, and maybe last, term will be different than my previous ones," Netanyahu said. "This time i will be a statesman. It will reflect in the ruling party taking command of the main ministry offices in order to represent 'main street'. Mainstream, not sectoral interests, must lead the way for all citizens."

 "I want to end my term as Prime Minister acceptable by all sectors. The Haredim will have to get used to a new situation, in which the monopole over Religious Affairs will not remain in the hands of the Ultra-religious parties, nor or will I hand over control of the housing ministry to a sectoral party like Shas. This time around, as part of the coalition, the religious parties will have to accept less important and out of mainstream portfolios." Netanyahu told his colleague.

Netnayahu is leaving the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Tzipi Livni, if she would accept the offer to join the government. Unless Lieberman is not over with his case, and Tzipi Livni declines the invitation, Gidon Sa'ar is supposed to be upgraded and serve as Foreign Minister, or as Finance Minister. Naftali Bennet, if invited to join the coalition, will serve as Education Minister, only if he gets a double digit number of seats, according to the private conversation. 

"I will lead Israel and govern on a daily basis, just like the majority of Israelis want and elect me for," Netanyahu concluded.