Sunday, December 23, 2012

Netanyahu: Send a Message to Ahmadinejad on Election Day: Vote Likud Beitenu

"Preventing Iran becoming a nuclear (threat) is, I would say, the central aim in my next term if I earn the confidence of voters," Netanyahu told Israel's Channel 2 in first round of interview since elections were announced. But in order to take the lead on the issue, Netanyahu will campaign over the next 30 days and plea to the Israeli public to grant him the strength needed, a large Likud Bietenu party.

It goes together he says. In an interview with Channel 2, Netanyahu said he believed that “on election day, the citizens of Israel will send a message not just inside the country, but to the whole world.” Come election day, “Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah and Mashaal will want to know one thing: has the prime minister become stronger or weaker? Because to them, it means that Israel has gotten either stronger or weaker. And they understand very well that the deciding factor is whether or not the prime minister’s party has gotten larger or smaller. If it has gotten larger, Israel has gotten stronger, and that is the message that I expect and believe the citizens of Israel will send to our enemies around the world on election day.”