Sunday, December 23, 2012

Eli Yishai Featured as one of the Hottest Israeli Politicians in Gay Magazine List

Yair Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and non other than Shas leader, Eli Yishai made the list of the "Hottest Guys in Israeli Politics" put together a popular gay lifestyle magazine F.O.D. ahead of elections. 

The list was compiled by staff at the gay magazine according to criteria including charisma and level of influence, as well as looks, physical build and charm. F.O.D Magazine is an international lifestyle magazine aimed at the Tel Aviv gay community that focuses on a wide variety of issues concerning the Israeli gay man.

In 2006, Yishai told the Knesset Channel that "homosexuals and lesbians are sick people."

"Up to a few years ago, they would be exempt from military service. It's clearly a disease. I didn’t determine this, the science of medicine did. It's a disease. The Torah talks about its severity, and I wish them a speedy recovery. I'm not hiding it," he added.

"If there were such a medication, believe me, they would gladly take it. If there was a pill to cure them, they would all go and take it. If it had a medication, they would prefer to fix it, one by one, and take the drug," he concluded.