Saturday, December 22, 2012

Smith Poll: Likud Beitenu is Most Preferred Choice by All Zionist Sectoral Voting Blocs

According to a detailed poll conducted by Smith institution as an internal poll for United Torah Judaism party (and published in the Bakhila magazine), Likud Beitenu is the only leading party with the most support of voters among all Jewish-Zionist ,other than Ultra-Orthodox, sectors within the Israeli society. That base of support includes 22% Secular, 30% non-religious/Traditional (Mesoratim), 48% of Traditional/close to religious voters and 18% of National Religious Israeli voters, who have expressed their support and voting preferences for the Prime Minister's ruling party.
In comparison, while Bayit Yehudi has the most support among National Religious voters, with 48% of them expressing their support for the party that was once identified as Mafdal, only 9% of Traditional (Mesoratim)/close to religion voters support the Jewish Home. not to mention the minimal support among secular (2%) and non-religious Traditional voters (5%).

Tzipi Livni's Hatnu'a Party gets the least secular votes from the center-left parties. Only 6%, compared to 9% for Yesh Atid and 22% for Labor Party.