Monday, December 31, 2012

Almost Half of Israelis Place Themsleves on the Right

48 percent of Israelis classify themselves politically as Right 48%, 28% as Center and 26% as Left, according to a panels politics poll conducted for Channel 2. 

When respondents were asked what party loyally represents the Right in Israel? 33% said the Bayit Yehudi party, 32% Likud-Beitenu 32%, 16% Otzma L'Yisrael (Stength to Israel) and only 2% said Shas.

Eretz Nehederet: Who's Genuinely Right? Bayit Yehudi vs. Likud Party

FYI Netanyahu Stands By Bar Ilan Speech

Eretz Nehederet's Version of Sarit Hadad Singing To Netanyahu "Ata Totach"

Dem Strategist Greenberg Accuses Netanyahu of Ordering Office Break-in 'Without Evidence'

Former Bill Clinton strategist and Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg, who is today advising the Israeli Labor Party campaign, is accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of having ordered the break-in of his Washington office almost fourteen years ago, The Blaze reports.

Likud Officials Indicate Peres is 'Senior Diplomatic Source' Behing Yedioth Quote

Senior Likud Beitenu officials have indicated that non other than President Peres is behind the headline in Yedioth Ahronoth last week, which quoted a senior diplomatic source as saying "Netanyahu is leading Israel to tragedy.” 

 According to Likud Beitenu, Peres had invited journalists for an off-the-record conversation, in which he voiced his criticism of Netanyahu, Haaretz reports.

"Peres' behavior with regard to the elections is inappropriate," the Likud Beiteinu officials added.

Tzipi Livni On The Go -The Movement's LIVE Bus Tour

Tzipi Livni has launched a 3 day Bus Tour across the Southern party of the Country, presenting the Hatnu'a campaign of Hope over Fear, beefing up the meaning of her party's name: "The Movement."

The tour kicked of on Monday at Ben-Gurion's grave, and will continue to spots relevant to the national agenda. A Live Feed of the tour is available on her new website:!thebus/c1f1e

Letter Reveals Rabin Opposed the Creation of a Palestinian State

Prime minister Yitzhak Rabin remained opposed to the creation of a Palestinian State more than a year after his historic handshake on the White House lawn with PLO leader Yasser Arafat in September 1993, a new letter obtained by Times of Israel reveals. brief response letter to a private Israeli Citizen, dated December 25, 1994, and signed by Rabin’s adviser and bureau chief Eitan Haber, states: “Concerning your letter to the prime minister with regard to a Palestinian state I am replying: The prime minister is of the opinion that there is no room for a Palestinian state.”

Fischer told the Times of Israel that he also received, in 1994, a letter from Uri Savir, a former aide to then-foreign minister Shimon Peres, in which Savir states that it was the current government’s policy to “reject the creation of a Palestinian state.”

Fischer, a writer living in Petah Tikva, told The Times of Israel that he had written the letter to Rabin “simply to inquire what the government’s intentions were vis-à-vis a Palestinian state — yes or no.”

VIDEO: Tzipi Livni Loses It on Live TV

Tzipi Livni loses her cool during a channel 2 debate with Naftali Bennett, calling the moderator's name time and again in an attempt to respond.

Shteinitz: No Substantial Tax Hikes In Plan; Labor's Plan is 'Plan of Economic Destruction”

Shelly Yechimovich’s economic plan would make the Israeli economy look like Spain’s and even worse,” Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz told The Jerusalem Post.“Those naive suggestions will ruin the Israeli economy.”
Steinitz criticized Yechimovich for proposing expenditures of around NIS 140 billion, adding that he could not recall any Israeli leader making such extravagant commitments prior to an election.

Yair Shamir: What the Goyim Say, They Can Keep It for Themselves

Yisrael Beytenu's #2 and #4 on the joint Likud Beitenu list, Yair Shamir told English-speaking voters in Bet Shemesh (12/30/12) that his entry to politics was motivated by the interest to care for ourselves. Peace is not in our hands, he said, "It's in God's hands."

Yechimovich Hosts Voters in Kitchen Sitting on Counter

Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yechimovich hosted dozens of l voters in her kitchen on Sunday evening for an open conversation about her party's platform.

The meeting in Yechimovich's Tel Aviv house was held as part of a new concept in which the Labor party's candidates open their homes and invite voters to their living room, kitchen, garden or study room.

Balad's Hilarious Video: Lieberman Forces Israeli Arabs to Sing HaTikvah - Middle Eastern Style

Livni Introduces Campaign of Hope and Opposition

Amid rumors of quitting right after the elections, Hatnu'a Chairwoman Tzipi Livni presented her campaign, in an attempt to replace Netanyahu.
“There are a number of possibilities after the election,” she told reporters at a news conference introducing her party’s campaign, “and the first is replacing the driver. This is our goal.” 

After the election, she continued, “it is possible that if Netanyahu stays in the driver’s seat, we would work to alter the course, influence the wheel, hit the brakes and direct the vehicle to a better place, from within the government. A second possibility, if we see it’s unrealistic [to join the government], would be to stay in the opposition,” she said. “The issue is not personal, but the policy of that government.”

“I take into account that this struggle may have to be conducted from the ranks of the opposition, and my colleagues and I will be there to do so,” she declared.

At Sunday’s news conference, Hatnu'a introduced its slogan: “Hope will overcome fear,” stressing that the key word in the campaign will be “hope.”

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Likud Beitenu: President Peres Encourages International Condemnation of Israel

The Likud Beitenu campaign issued a statement on Sunday in response to remarks made by President Shimon Peres criticizing Prime Minister Netanyahu for not finding in Abbas a partner for peace.

"It is regrettable that the president chooses to express a political opinion that is detached from the Israeli public's position regarding Abbas, who refuses to make peace," the Likud Beitenu statement read. "It is even more regrettable that the President chooses to present [these opinions] in front of foreign diplomats, a political stand that encourages condemnation for Israel in the international community."

"It is a shame the president did not explain to the foreign diplomats how his comments on Abbas reconcile with the fact [Abbas] did not even condemn the firing of rockets on Israeli citizens," the statement said.

HaRav Ya'akov Yosef: Voting For Likud-Beitenu Violates Torah Law

Rabbi Ya’akov Yosef, a son of Shas'spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yoseftold his followers that anyone who votes for the Likud-Yisrael Beitenu list in those upcoming elections has violated a biblical commandment, Failed Messiah reports.

During his weekly public class, Ya’akov Yosef explained that the transgression fell under the biblical transgression of lifnei iver lo titen michshol, you must not put a stumbling block before the blind.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Deri Apologizes for Racist Comments on Likud Beitenu

Shas's Aryeh Deri apologized on Friday for the comments he made Thursday, calling the Likud-Beitenu a party of "Russians and whites."

Speaking to Gali Israel radio, Deri said, "I apologize fully. It was a grave mistake, this comment on Russians and whites."

“This was a big mistake,” Deri said. “Unfortunately, yesterday, under pressure of the conflict, I didn’t pay attention to my words. I apologize. That’s not my style. I never speak like that. They are my brothers.”

Panels Poll: Likud's Voter Base Has Expanded Since 2009

Only 11% of Likud Beitenu voters are open to vote for the Bayit Yehudi since last week's debacle, according to a Panels poll conducted for the weekend Hebrew newspaper Sof Hashavua. Among the general public, 15% said they were more likely to vote for the Bayit Yehudi, and 11% said they were less likely to vote.

An analysis of Likud Beitenu’s voters by Panels pollster Menahem Lazar found that out of the joint list’s 34 projected seats in the latest Panels poll, only five of them came from people who had voted Yisrael Beytenu in the 2009 election. Yisrael Beytenu’s other 10 seats have been lost since the merger with Likud, with 27% of its 2009 voters supporting Bayit Yehudi, while 22% remain undecided.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Prof. Asher Cohen: Netanyahu's American Advisor Misled Him Twice

Professor Cohen, a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Bar Ilan University, told Arutz Sheva that he is convinced the merger between the Likud and Yisrael Beytenu, which was encouraged by political adviser Arthur Finkelstein, will end up being the biggest mistake in the upcoming election. 

"Arthur Finkelstein misled Netanyahu twice: the first time was about Obama being re-elected in the United States and again now with the merger of the Likud and Yisrael Beytenu," said Cohen. 

Yair Lapid Live TV Gaffe: We Are at 11-12 Seats, While Poll Shows him at 7-9

Bibi Goes for the Beer!

Photo: ‎ביקרתי הערב במרכז התרבות של כפר הסטודנטים של עמותת איילים בבאר שבע,שם נפגשתי עם סטודנטים ונציגי גרעיני התיישבות. בסוף המפגש ישבנו בפאב שנמצא במקום.

סוף שבוע שקט לכולם.‎

Likud Beitenu Campaign Ads Are the Most Viewed on YouTube

Jeremy Gimpel (Bayit Yehudi) Hopes to Chair Knesset Diaspora Committee

Will Israelis send their first American Immigrant to the Knesset since Meir Kahana? Naftali Bennett is not the only rising star in Israeli politics, emerging as an unexpected threat to Netanyahu’s vision of a strong and large Likud party, You may have heard of him or not, but Jeremy Gimpel might end up in the next Knesset, thanks to another well spoken English politician, non-other than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Deri: Likud Beitenu - Party of Russians and 'Whites'

Aryeh Deri is getting nasty and divisive by letting the genie of Sephardic rage out of the bottle, playing the race card to a minority base of voters, and to a large base of Likud voters who are Mizrachi but feel less represented in Israel's government.

"Today we have learned who truly controls Likud," he said, after a comment by Lieberman to the Mishpacha magazine made clear that Shas's balance of power in the next government would be diminished, and that their portfolio positions would be downgraded. "Yisrael Beitenu has carried out a hostile takeover of Likud. From the party of the people, Likud has become an arrogant, smug party that represents Russians and whites," said Aryeh Deri. "They humiliated [Moshe] Kachlon, and now they want to humiliate the rest of the Sephardic ministers. This is a wake-up call to all Sephardim: come home, Likud is no longer your home. Shas is your natural and true home. Only a strong Shas will safeguard the Sephardim in the next Netanyahu government," he added in the written statement.

Communication Minister Kachlon, who took a break from politics, dismissed Deri's statement. "I suggest that Aryeh Deri find other gimmicks and that if he decides to use my name, that he at least say true things and stick to the facts. I am a part of Likud and Yisrael Beytenu, and I will remain that way," Kachlon, who Bibi calls 'Moishe' in a yiddish pronouncement, said.

3 polls Show Likud Beitenu Losing Seats to Bayit Yehudi

"Don't waste your Vote," Netanyahu plead to the Israeli public on Tuesday. That call seems to fall on deaf ears, at least at this point of the campaign, with latest opinion polls showing the Likud Beitenu losing votes to Bayit Yehudi and Shas, both parties that are lead by popular and charismatic leaders, such as Bennett and Deri. The bear hug by Bennett and Deri seems to indicate that voters believe Netanyahu will be strengthened by strong sectoral parties at his side.

The Thursday Reshet Bet Radio elections poll conducted by Mano Geva from Midgam Institute, predicts Kadima, Am Shalem, and Power to Israel failing to reach the threshold needed to get into the next Knesset.

The poll is devastating for Likud and Yisrael Beitenu: Likud-Beteinu would get only 34 seats, if elections were held today, Labor falls to 16 projected seats, while the Jewish Home rises to 15 seats and Shas party from 11 to 13. That would grant the Right-wing bloc a majority of 69 seats, including UTJ's 6 seats.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Netanyahu: Livni Will Not be My Foreign Minister

Prime Minister Netanyahu laid to rest the rumors circling around about indirect contact with the Tzipi Livni, over joining the government after the elections as Foreign Minister or as a special appointment to lead peace talks with the Palestinians.  

Not only will Tzipi Livni not get the foreign affairs portfolio in the next Likud-led government, she won’t be allowed anywhere near the diplomatic realm or be involved in talks with the Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Likud ministers on Wednesday, according to Haaretz.

Netanyahu Gets Yesha Council Much Needed Endorsement

Wooing votes on the right, Netanyahu got the a much needed boost with the Yesha council's support of the Likud Beitenu list.

In a meeting call by Netanyahu with the heads of the Yesha Council, Yesha mayors promised they would support Netanyahu and call to vote for the Likud Beitenu party.

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Satmar's Heretic Campaign Against Participating in Israel's Election

"The [Satmar] Rebbe viewed the Zionist movement and subsequent state as a heretic enterprise," Orthodox Pundit, a known Orthodox Blogger from the Satmar community, told BibiFeed in an exclusive view of Satmar's Knesset Election ban. By joining the parliament and participating in elections, one recognizes and partners in such an enterprise, violating the first of the 10 commandments, according to the late Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum in the V'Yoel Moshe
This explains where Satmar, the Eda HaHaredit and it's affiliates, differ from the rest of the Ultra-Orthodox communities, who do in fact participate in the elections and send their representatives to serve as members of the Knesset.

Likud Beitenu Shift Appeal Strategy In Remaining Weeks

Originally adopting President Obama's reelection campaign, the Likud sought to let Netanyahu use his power of incumbency to launch a negative campaign against it's rival parties, and cruise to victory. But with Naftali Bennett's rise and the center-left votes remaining staying split between Lapid and Livni, The Likud Beitenu campaign has shifted strategy to a more positive campaign emphasizing the achievements of Prime Minister Netanyahu rather than the faults of his political opponents.

The change came amid public opinion polls indicating that the Likud had steadily fallen in support 

Likud Beitenu unveiled two new election ads, one featuring ordinary Israelis from all sectors saying they would vote for the list, and the other under the slogan “When Netanyahu talks, people listen,”

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fundraiser in Brooklyn for Anti-Zionist Election Boycott Campaign

חומר תעמולה לקראת המגבית בסאטמאר (2)חומר תעמולה לקראת המגבית בסאטמאר (1) 
Earlier this month, we reported that the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg has offered $25K to Yeshivas who will hold back their students from going to vote on election day. The Rebbe who is due to arrive in Israel on the week of the Jan. 22 Knesset election, reportedly offered $100 cash for each Bucher or Yingerman who would abstain.

In order to justify their actions and promote their anti-Zionist message explaining those who have not yet followed the Satmar Rabbis forbidding to participate in the Knesset elections, the Satmar congregation in Williamsburg is organizing a fundraiser this Saturday night in Brooklyn, in an attempt to raise 500,000 dollars, JDN reports

Superstar Eyal Golan Refused to Publicly Endorse Netanyahu

Likud Pollster: Likud Beitenu and Right-Wing/Religious Parties Strong; Labor and Livni Collapse

Likud Beitenu dropped a few seats since the Bennett debacle, but remains steady at 36 projected seats, according to a survey conducted by Professor Avi Degani of Geocartographia, the Likud Party's pollster.

The survey found Likud Beitenu with 36 while HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home) dropped by nearly 3 mandates to 12.5, since last week's 16 projected seats. On the other side of the aisle, Degani found the Labor party losing support, dropping to 14 mandates. Hatnu'a (The Movement) party led by Tzipi Livni collapses literally from 8 mandates to 4.5. 

Likud Releases First Campaign Ad: When Bibi Speaks, The World Listens

Sarit Hadad Sings to Netanyahu: "Ata Totach" (You Are My Cannon)

Netanyahu Kicks off Likud Beitenu Campaign: "Don't Waiste Your Vote."

"Who do Israeli voters think is the most suitable candidate to deal with the Iranian threat? With the missile threat? With the threat of terror?" Prime minister Netnayahu asked supporters in Jerusalem at the official kick off of the Likud Beitenu campaign for January 22 polls.

"When they enter the polling station I urge them to ask just one question," he said. "Who do they think is the most suitable person to be their prime minister and lead Israel for the next four years? Who do they think is the most equipped for dealing with the Iranian issue and with the threat of terrorism? Who has the experience and the responsibility to deal with the financial crisis? Who is the most suitable man to secure our children's future?

First Shas Ad Released: The Mezuzah of the Government

Yediot Quotes Senior Diplomatic Source: Netanyahu is Leading Us to Disaster

The main headline in Tuesday’s Yedioth Ahronoth blared in white on red quoting an unnamed “very senior diplomatic source,” that “Netanyahu is leading us to disaster." 

"The prime minister discounts the entire world. He is not interested in the Palestinians, but this will all blow up in our faces. The Netanyahu government is leading Israel towards a disaster," said the official, who asked to remain anonymous. Specualtions lead (per channel 10's morning show) to the Foreign Ministry's Director General Rafi Barak or Lieberman's ousted deputy, Danny Ayalon.  

Yair Lapid's Own Version of Netanyahu's Red Line Bomb Cartoon

Yesh Atid leader, Yair Lapid mocked today the prime minister at the calcalist economic conference with a bomb of his own, detailing the tax hikes of the past two years under the Likud’s rule.

"The middle Class is exploding," it said.

Housing prices: 37%
Gas prices: 38%

Water prices: 115%

Electricity prices: 23%

Livni Wants To Be Netanyahu's Partner

Tzipi Livni is eying the Foreign Ministry,  according to sources who spoke with Galei Tzahal radio on Tuesday. Sources close to both Livni and Netanyahu have confirmed  that the two sides have  examined the possibility of working together in a future coalition in the event that Netanyahu wins the elections., with Livni as Foreign Minister. Such a move could likely result in HaTnu'a members being part of Netanyahu's cabinet. Likud officials denied the report. 

BiBiBeer - Netanyahu is Most Preferred Candidate to have a Beer With

While Netanyahu is forced to deal with the Naftali Bennett threat from the right, the EU from the left, at least Netanyahu may find some comfort in the latest Haaretz poll conducted by Camil Fuchs.

According to the poll, Netanyahu is the most preferred choice, by 20% of Israeli voters who would chose him to go out for a drink.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Eretz Nehederet: Prime Minister Liberyahu - The Couple

Erdan to Yechimovich: Decide Who Represents Left-Wing Bloc and We'll Talk Dugri!

Gilad Erdan, who serves as Likud Beitenu's Public Response Team Director, responded to Shelly Yechimovich's Facebook call to PM Netanyahu , to debate her on TV face to face, with a Facebook message:

"Hi Shelly, it's Gilad,
You want a debate? I'm glad that you have remembered that this is part of the game, since i would like to remind you (you most probably forgot) that you refused to participates in various debates when you ran for Chairmanship of Labor Party. So Here is a light reminder of what your Number 2, Buzi Herzog had to say abut you:

Anyhow, what debate would you like to have? The left vs. the Center-Right? OK, but against whom? Livni? Galon? Lapid? You? Mofaz? When you end the clashes between yourselves over who represents the left-Wing bloc, update your Facebook status and we'll talk dugri."

Livni: Netanyahu Paying Lip Service; Likud Beitenu: Livni Siding with the Palestinians

Hatnu'a Chairwoman Tzipi Livni harshly criticized the Likud Monday, following a statement made by Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, who said that the creation of a Palestinian state was never part of the party's platform. 

Speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, Livni said that Sa'ar's statement, "proves that the Bar Ilan speech, which has become the leading media spin of the past few years, was nothing more than lip service. "

Shaul Mofaz Challenges Bibi from Eretz Nehederet to Debate

This election season is becoming crazier by the day. Shaul Mofaz, who's Kadima Party is diminishing, has clearly taken the advice to get as much coverage as possible, every mention in the media, good of bad is a plus, since he has nothing to lose.

Kadima Party released today a video of Shaul Mofaz challenging the guy (Mariano) who plays him and Netanyahu on the popular Eretz Nehederet show to a debate.

Yechimovich Wants Netanyahu to Accept her Status as Center-Left Leader and Debate Her

Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yechimovich has invited Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a public, televised debate. On her Facebook page, Yechimovich wrote that "the time has come for a public debate on all the important issues upon which the citizens of Israel must decide."

"I invite you to a televised debate, as is accepted in the Western world, and as was common in the past in Israel," wrote Yechimovich. "The public is entitled to it, and we should be committed to it, to discuss poignant, real topics, of our two world views on issues facing the voters. The only true choice (for voters), is between you and I, between Likud Beiteinu and Labor."

Watch Netanyahu's response about his refusal to debate, on channel 10 here.

Bennett Consolidates Base; Storm Over Disobedience Comment Has No Electoral impact

It's still early to estimate the effect Naftali Bennett's disobedience gaffe had on his base of voters, and the impact Netanyahu's attacks might have in shifting votes back to Likud, since it's a weekend. In the mean time, the attacks on Bennett consolidated his party's base of support, according to a Panels Politics poll for MAKO.

סקר נפתלי בנט 23.12

Hope? Tzipi Livni's Obama-esque portrait

Meme Video: Bibi's Am Yisrael Chai or Tzipi Livni's HaTikvah?

Naftalli Bennett's Double - Tal Friedman and Eretz Nehederet Return Tonight

So who will impersonate and play the character Naftalli Bennet, the new star in this election season? Well, the popular program 'Eretz Nehederet' the equivalent of America's 'Saturday Night Live' is returning for another season, covering the remaining 30 days of the Knesset elections and beyond. 

Tal Friedman, who played Shelly Yechimovich, known as 'Chelly', will play Naftalli Bennett, since he has become a major player leading his party to a possible 3rd place. Do they look like twins or act as a double lookalike? Tonight the answers

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anglo Voter not Swayed by Bennett: "He’s not a Bibi.”

Bayit Yehudi leader, Naftali Bennett described the attacks on him over the 'disobeyance' gaffe as a "crazy weekend", in which the Prime Minister and Likud "opened the gates of hell" on him while he was observing the Shabbat.

Speaking in English to a large,English-speaking crowd at the Tel Aviv port on Sunday evening, Bennett, a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces, seemed to retract from his statements during the weekend, saying “Every soldier has to obey democratically given orders, myself included.”

Report: Amir Peretz is Already Taking Over The Party from Livni's Hands

MK Amir Peretz certainly struck his party and friends with astonishment when he left the party for Tzipi Livni's Hatnu'a party, from 2nd place in Labor to 3rd place in "The movement.". It has only been two weeks since they started off as a happy couple, and Tzipi Livni's party are already beginning to feel Peretz's presence at large, Ma'ariv reports Monday.

Mofaz Goes for the Sympathy Vote in First Kadima Campaign Video: "Why Me?"

Kadima released its first campaign video on Sunday, painting party leader Shaul Mofaz as a tragic figure who is being punished for practicing clean politics, Lahav Harkov reports

“Why shouldn’t good people go into politics? Politics is sh*t,” explained narrator Uri Gavriel, an actor who appeared in the latest Batman movie and is best known in Israel for portraying “Yigal the Nazi” in mafia serial Haborer.

“No area is as ungrateful and dirty as politics,With politics, if you make one mistake, all the credit you earned your whole life is erased.”

Likud Opens New Front Agianst Shas-Deri

Report by Jpost: The Likud also opened fire Sunday on Shas, warning that the party would soon draft legislation requiring yeshiva students to serve in the IDF, vowing to take the Housing Ministry back from Shas, and promising ads attacking one of Shas's leaders, Arye Deri, for supporting the Oslo diplomatic process.

Moment of Truth? Late Night Show Panelist Had Easy Time Searching Livni's Achievements

Guri Alfi, one of comedians in the late night comedy called 'Matzav Hauma' ripped Tzipi Livni to pieces unintentionally, by telling her he was told to look up her achievements and her activities over the past few years a day prior to the interview, and he had such a enjoyable time running around from one attraction place to the other, since he couldn't find anything she did. What an easy job!

Bennett Throws Kitchen Sink at Netanyahu: "Stop Dividing the People"

Bayit Yehudi leader lashed out at the Likud campaign and Prime minister Netanyahu Sunday, claiming the Likud was behind the anonymous ad ad featured in the daily papers with the words “Bennett is irresponsible; he supports insubordination,” along with a quote from his Thursday interview: “Conscientious objection is an intrinsic part of being a soldier.”
An ad widely printed in Hebrew dailies on Sunday features an image of Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett with the words 'Bennett is irresponsible; he supports insubordination.'
An ad widely printed in Hebrew dailies on Sunday features an image of Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett with the words ‘Bennett is irresponsible; he supports insubordination.’
“It’s hard for me to wake up in the morning and see my face splashed across a mysterious, anonymous campaign, which I know they [Likud] are sponsoring,” Bennett told students during a campaign stop at the Hakfar Hayarok high school. “If they want to smear me they should man up and put their name on the campaign.”

FACT: Netanyahu did NOT Vote in Favor of the Disengagement - Which Included Settlement Evacuation

The media and Political junkies were quick to react to Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement on Friday's interview on Channel 1, in which he told Ayala Hasson that he did not vote in favor of the disengagement plan from Gaza, when in fact he did.

As proof, a video is circulating from the vote on the disengagement plan on October 2004, which show Netanyahu voting in favor on the bill. 

However to Netanyahu's credit, the vote on October 24th 2004, in which the 'revised disengagement plan 1996' was approved by the Knesset, did not include the approval of evacuating settlements. The bill also included the following: "The State of Israel will continue to maintain a military presence along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt (Philadelphi Route)."

Eli Yishai Featured as one of the Hottest Israeli Politicians in Gay Magazine List

Yair Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and non other than Shas leader, Eli Yishai made the list of the "Hottest Guys in Israeli Politics" put together a popular gay lifestyle magazine F.O.D. ahead of elections. 

The list was compiled by staff at the gay magazine according to criteria including charisma and level of influence, as well as looks, physical build and charm. F.O.D Magazine is an international lifestyle magazine aimed at the Tel Aviv gay community that focuses on a wide variety of issues concerning the Israeli gay man.

In 2006, Yishai told the Knesset Channel that "homosexuals and lesbians are sick people."

Yechimovich Presents Security-Diplomatic Platform Based on the Clinton Parameters

Labor finally presented its security-diplomatic platform on Sunday, though party leader Shelly Yacimovich said socio-economic issues are her priority.

The central points of Labor's security-diplomatic platform, according to Lahav Harkov from the Jerusalem Post, include an immediate return to peace talks without preconditions, strengthening relations with the Western world and rehabilitating and initiating new connections with moderate Muslim countries.

Israeli Voters Want Netanyahu to Form a Likud Led Right-Wing/Center-Left Coalition

According to a poll conducted by Chamil Fuchs for Channel 10's weekend "Election HQ" program, 81% of Israeli voters believe that Netanyahu will win reelection as Prime Minister following the Knesset elections. Voters would like to see though, a Likud/Right-Wing/Center-Left coalition government formed, while only 24% prefer a Likud led coalition with the Right-Wing/Ultra Orthodox parties

Another interesting fact according to the poll, 84% of  potential Yesh Atid voters want Yair Lapid to join the  Netanyahu coalition.

Netanyahu: Send a Message to Ahmadinejad on Election Day: Vote Likud Beitenu

"Preventing Iran becoming a nuclear (threat) is, I would say, the central aim in my next term if I earn the confidence of voters," Netanyahu told Israel's Channel 2 in first round of interview since elections were announced. But in order to take the lead on the issue, Netanyahu will campaign over the next 30 days and plea to the Israeli public to grant him the strength needed, a large Likud Bietenu party.

It goes together he says. In an interview with Channel 2, Netanyahu said he believed that “on election day, the citizens of Israel will send a message not just inside the country, but to the whole world.” Come election day, “Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah and Mashaal will want to know one thing: has the prime minister become stronger or weaker? Because to them, it means that Israel has gotten either stronger or weaker. And they understand very well that the deciding factor is whether or not the prime minister’s party has gotten larger or smaller. If it has gotten larger, Israel has gotten stronger, and that is the message that I expect and believe the citizens of Israel will send to our enemies around the world on election day.”

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Netanyahu says He Debates Media

If you want to see how Bibi handles the tough questions, watch the entire interview on Channel 10 here

Netanyahu was asked by Channel 10's political correspondent why he has been refusing to participate in an election debate, just like in America. Netnayahu responded sharp and clear: "Nu, I am debating you here."

Smith Poll: Likud Beitenu is Most Preferred Choice by All Zionist Sectoral Voting Blocs

According to a detailed poll conducted by Smith institution as an internal poll for United Torah Judaism party (and published in the Bakhila magazine), Likud Beitenu is the only leading party with the most support of voters among all Jewish-Zionist ,other than Ultra-Orthodox, sectors within the Israeli society. That base of support includes 22% Secular, 30% non-religious/Traditional (Mesoratim), 48% of Traditional/close to religious voters and 18% of National Religious Israeli voters, who have expressed their support and voting preferences for the Prime Minister's ruling party.

Netanyahu in Private Conversation: I Want to Represent 'Main Street' in my Next and 'Maybe' Last Term

Yosi Elitov, Assistant editor and political correspondent for the Hebrew mispacha magazine has some interesting excerpts that were leaked (by intention?) from a conversation Prime Minister Netanyahu had last week with a close and admired Jerusalem Journalist.

"My third, and maybe last, term will be different than my previous ones," Netanyahu said. "This time i will be a statesman. It will reflect in the ruling party taking command of the main ministry offices in order to represent 'main street'. Mainstream, not sectoral interests, must lead the way for all citizens."

Its Official: Bennett vs. Likud Beitenu

Following a wave of criticism from the Likud and the Prime Minister over comments he made on Thursday night, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett accused the Likud of "pouncing on my words, twisting them and making it look like I called for people to refuse orders just for a quarter of a seat in the next Knesset." 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Netanyahu in First Election Interview: The Palestinians Chose the Timing of E. Jerusalem Construction

"Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah and Mashaal are watching the elections. They're only interested in one thing: Has the Prime Minister been strengthened or weakened?" Netanyahu told Ayala Hason on Channel 1, in first round of interviews since elections were announced.

Netanyahu also indicated that "the announcements on new building in the settlements and in E.  Jerusalem are not part of the election campaign." The timing, he said, has to do with the Palestinians unilateral step at the UN. "All of the Israeli governments built in the Jewish neighborhoods of E. Jerusalem, and we are nothing different. But recently the Palestinians took a unilateral step, and I didn't think that in spite of that, we should sit with folded arms. So, yes! we are expending construction in Jerusalem," Netanyahu asserted.

Part of the interview as broadcast tonight on Channel 1's :

Free from Diplomatic Manners, Lieberman Goes on Attack on MSM

free from dealing with foreign diplomats, Yisrael Beytenu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman went on the attack against the Israeli media on Thursday, saying he was unfairly treated in the wake of recent developments in the corruption case against him. :In Israel, the most basic rule is that you must not succeed; if you succeed, it means you are guilty," Lieberman told participants at the Israel Association of Entrepreneurs conference in Tel Aviv. "My message, which can apply for any trade — including politics and entrepreneurship — that if you want to succeed, have no fear, "he added.

Lieberman named Yedioth Ahronoth veteran correspondent, Nahum Barnea a 'serial liar' for stuff he wrote on Lieberman in the newspaper.

Likud Beitenu To 'Flood Country' with Billboards and Ads Next Week

After being criticized by party opersatives for sleeping, while the opposing parties have already launched thier cmapaigns for over a month ago, the Ruling party -Likud Beitenu will officially kick off on Tuesday, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be joined on stage at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center by Avigdor Lieberman and 50 other candidates who comprise the joint Knesset slate formed by the two parties
Netanyahu and Lieberman haven't been downplaying the election campaign as per se the frustration some have expressed, Likud campaign officials told Israel Hayom. Instead, while the other parties have already wasted large sums of money on highway billboards and Internet ads, the Likud, who has the most resources and funding, will begin flooding the country with ads and signs starting the coming week. 

Lapid's Democratic Consultant: Yesh Atid's Base Underestimated in Polls


Mark Mellman, an American Jew and one of Washington's top Political consultants, is now advising Yair Lapid as a campaign Strategist for the Yesh Atid party. In an exclusive interview to Nadav Peri on Israel's channel 10, Mellman says Lapid represents a wave of new politics, and that "Yair is a breath of fresh air, a person who can change that kind of [old] politics."

Likud Beitenu to Seize Moment of Concern In Wake of Bennett's Major Gaffe

Bennett's first major gaffe on live TV, in which he indicated he will personally refuse the order of evacuating Settlers from their homes (as if that is on the horizon), may have come as a breath of fresh air for PM Netanyahu's campaign as he battles the momentum shifting towards Bennett from the right.

Bennett "has given Netanyahu a clear distinction between the two parties, which Netanyahu can exploit to distinguish Likud as the 'responsible' party of the right, " Anshel Pfeffer suggests. 

Poll: Jews and Palestinians Alike Are Uncompromisable on the Status of Jerusalem

Very Interesting fact that might prove Livni and the left being on the wrong side of the aisle, in the debate over Jerusalem, which may very well turn out to be a dominating theme in this election season. 

70% of Israeli Jews are unwilling to compromise over Jerusalem, a city that should remain the undivided capital of Israel, according to a  poll conducted exclusively for the Sir Bani Yas Forum By Dr. James Zogby.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Smith Poll: Lieberman's Indictment has Zero Impact on Voting Preferences

Avigdor Lieberman's indictment last week had almost no impact voting preferences in the January 22 election, a Smith Research poll conducted for Reshet Bet-  Israel's national Radio found.

Less than two percent of Likud-Beitenu supporters said they had shifted their support to a different party due to the indictment, 1%  said they were now undecided, compared to 1% who said they had decided to vote for Likud Beitenu due to the indictment, according to the poll.

Bayit Yehudi leader: I Would Refuse IDF Order to Evacuate Settlements

In a tense or rather awkward interview on Channel 2's Mishal Cham program, Bayit Yehudi leader who is cashing out momentum in the polls, said that if he ever receives an order to evict Jews, he would ask his commander to release him from his position, even serving time in jail over this issue.

"If I receive an order to evict a Jew from his home, my conscience will not allow it," said Bennett. "I would ask my commander to release me. Sorry, I cannot enter a Jew's home and evict him." 

Lieberman Fires Back at Charges: Indictment Because I'm an Immigrated Bearded Settler with a Heavy Russian Accent

Likud Minister Foresees Yair Lapid's Talking Points on Jerusalem

Is Lapid so predictable or what? Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan, head of the Likud Beitenu PR cmapaign, was interviewed on 'Galei Yisrael' radio station with Kalman Libeskind about the building in E. Jerusalem. "Unfortunately the left does not understand. Mr. Lapid will soon tell you that building in our capital is sticking "a finger in the eye of the Americans," Erdan said. "I haven't understood why the eye of the Americans are focused on our capital city and not at their capital," he added.

 Indeed, following the interview with Minister Erdan, Yair Lapid was interviewed and said the following: "We are sticking a finger in the eye of the Americans."

New labor MK Endorses Netanyahu at Swearing-In On Knesset Podium

A blow to Labor leader Shelly Yechimovich, as newly sworn in MK, Yoram Marciano announced his support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday,as he was sworn in as a Labor lawmaker on the Knesset podium.

Marciano was a Labor MK in the 17th Knesset, from 2006-2009, and was brought back to the Knesset this week, following Amir Peretz's resignation and move to The Tzipi Livni Party.

When Harry Potter Puppet Pals Inspired Likud's Elections Theme

Prior to next Tuesday's campaign kick-off event in Jerusalem, the Likud Beitenu  campaign released an election campaign video on Wednesday evening, a frame-by-frame parody of the 2007 YouTube viral hit "The Harry Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise," Lahav Harkov noticed, but guess what, the party's campaigners had no idea.

The Likud Beitenu clip has finger puppets of Center and Left-Wing politicians chanting. Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich repeats "money and government," Meretz's Zehava Gal-On calls to "end the occupation, and Tzipi Livni says "to run or not to run," while Kadima chairman Shaul Mofaz mumbles something unclear. Yesh Atid's Yair Lapid says phrases having to do with his good looks and wealth like "give me some gel" and "Crème Brule."

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Likud's Slogan and Campaign Theme Revealed: Give Us the Strength to Lead

From Netanyahu's Facebook page:
Also as part of teh negative campaign against Yechimovich, Livni and Lapid, the Likud Beitenu campaign released a video clip version of Harry Potter Puppet Pal, almost  exact copy of "The Mysterious Ticking Noise," Lahav Harkov tweeted.

"Miri Regev - Neighborhood" Mash-up and Stand Up Show

MK Miri Regev (Likud Beitenu) Stand Up Show: And.... The Mashup by the one and only Noa Alooshe:

Yair Shamir Slams Bayit Yehudi Anglo Campaign: Just Video Clips

Former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman’s No. 2 in Yisrael Beytenu, and number 4 on the joint Likud Beitenu lisr, Yair Shamir, slammed Bayit Yehudi’s efforts to attract English-speaking voters as unauthenticated, saying that Yisrael Beytenu was the only party with a serious track record of working on behalf of immigrants from English-speaking countries, Gil Hoffman reports.

“We deal with issues affecting Anglo immigrants all year long and not just for a campaign,” Shamir said. “There is a difference between a campaign for elections and a party that has aliya as one of its main objectives, just like there is a difference between boys and men."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Russian "Israelis" Who Don't Feel At "Home" with Lieberman

Last week, we wrote abut the Yediot poll showing a new Russian Immigrant party called "The Israelis" would receive 2 seats, competing with Likud Beitenu over the Russian Immigrant's vote, following Avigdor Lieberman's merge with the Likud.

So who are those Former Soviet Union - Russian "Israelis" who don;'t feel at "Home" with the Likud-Yisrael Beitenu (Israel is our home) joint list?

Lahav Harkov, from the Jerusalem Post, took the challenge upon her to dig deep into the mysterious party, that some claim it is non-more than a Russian front for Tzipi livni's party. 

MEME: Bibi on Livni's Krembo Challenge: "Haha! Livni, It's Too Big for Her."

 In this video, Tzipi livni complains about the size of the Krembo, calling for the companies to create a shorter biteable size, without getting too dirty, or finding some creative way of squashing it before. 

This meme came up in mind, looking at Livni's sophisticated challenge:

Bibi Eats Falafal, Tzipi Livni Demonstrates How to Eat Krembo

With just over 30 days to go, PM Netanyahu and his so-called rival from the center-left, Tzipi Livni did some serious outreach - collecting votes from the Krembo and Falafal eaters.

Here is Tzipi Livni demonstrating the best way how to eat a Krembo. After all she's Mrs. Clean. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu, during a visit to Acco, found time to grab a falafal or two with his once rival in Likud, Vice Premier Silvan Shalom. 

Netanyahu: "A united Jerusalem expresses a broad national consensus"

Israel will continue building in east Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said following White House criticism of construction plans for an additional 1,500 homes on land claimed by Palestinians. 

“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the state of Israel and we will continue to build there,” Netanyahu said today in Acco, Israel. "Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the state of Israel and we will continue to build there. A united Jerusalem expresses a broad national consensus."

First English Produced Campaign Ad Aimed at Anglo Voters

(Jpost). The Bayit Yehudi became the first party  to produce an English campaign video, featuring Naftali Bennett and other candidates.

Post-Lieberman-Indictment Poll: Likud Beitenu Loses 1 Seat to Bayit Yehudi


Monday, December 17, 2012

'A Vote for 'The Israelis' is a Vote for Livni and Ramon'

Yedioth Ahronoth’s weekend poll was the first and the only survey that gave 'The Israelis' party two seats in the next Knesset. The paper writes 'The Israelis', virtually unheard of in the Hebrew language press, “steals seats from Likud-Beitenu” by presenting an alternative for immigrants from the former Soviet Union, who believe Lieberman sold out to Likud.

What is less known to the Israeli public, is that the Immigrant party is basically a silver party founded by Haim Ramon and Tzipi livni, in an attempt to steal as many votes as they can from Likud Beitenu. 

A poll conducted by Ma'agar Mohot, however, found that the Likud Beitenu party will receive 70 percent of the votes of Israelis who emigrated from the former Soviet Union after 1989, while "The Israelis" led by Channel 9 television host David Kon, received only 4% in the poll.

Gruesome Pro-Livni Web Ad

Unprofessional and gruesome Youtube clips in support of Tzipi Livni by some guy Yosi Sabag

Livni Party Anglo Candidate Promises Reform Minyan and July 4 "Hootenanny" if Elected

Want a reform minyan in the Knesset or a July 4 'hootenanny' celebration, then vote for 'Hatnu'a - Tzipi Livni's party, says Knesset candidate professor Alon Gal. In order to achieve that goal, Israelis would need to grant Livni's party 13 seats necessary to elect New Jersey-born, North Carolina-raised Prof. Alon Tal in the January 22 election.

Tzipi Livni appointed him Sunday to head her party’s campaign among immigrants from English- speaking countries and in its efforts to advance religious pluralism in Israel, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Shelly Yechimovich Says She's is Left, Right, Center and Beyond

Labor Chairwoman, Shelly Yechimovich is not a supporter of the settlements, but is in favor of settlement funds; Yechimovich is not a leftist, but she's in favor of dividing Jerusalem; She's in favor of budget cuts, but would not join the coalition if Lieberman is part of the government; confused? We are too.

Internal Polls To Determine Lieberman's Role in Campaign

Senior Likud party officials tell Haaretz, polls will be taken this week to determine whether Lieberman will remain at the forefront of the campaign or be kept in the background. 

"If the status quo of 39 Knesset seats in the polls holds up, we can assume that the investment in merging with Lieberman has paid off," said a senior Likud official. "If we see that we're losing Knesset seats, then [campaign strategist] Arthur Finkelstein will keep him out of the public eye."

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Livni: Condi Rice' Book Quote - "Bullshit"

Livni got very agitated in an interview with Gil Hoffman for the Jerusalem Post, when former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s book No Higher Honor was raised. In the book, which came out in November 2011, Rice wrote that Livni told her and the Palestinians following a generous offer that then-prime minister Ehud Olmert made to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas in August 2008 that Olmert “has no standing in Israel” and advised them to wait until she took over from him.

pg. 723 of Condoleezza Rice's Book 'No Higher Honor'

Livni responded bluntly that what Rice wrote was “bullshit.”

"It’s bullshit. I am sorry but that’s the only answer I could give. That’s nonsense! Bullshit! A lie! I spoke to Condy after she wrote it," Livni responded. "I met Abu Mazen [Abbas] after she published the book, and I asked him: Did I say that? He said no, and I told him to say so publicly because I was being suspected."