Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yair Lapid's Own Version of Netanyahu's Red Line Bomb Cartoon

Yesh Atid leader, Yair Lapid mocked today the prime minister at the calcalist economic conference with a bomb of his own, detailing the tax hikes of the past two years under the Likud’s rule.

"The middle Class is exploding," it said.

Housing prices: 37%
Gas prices: 38%

Water prices: 115%

Electricity prices: 23%
"Pay attention, sir," Lapid stated, addressing Netanyahu. "This is the bomb, this is the fuse. This is what old politics brought to the Israeli middle class. These are the taxes your government raised in one term."

Lapid went on to draw a red line on the diagram, saying the middle class is falling apart while the government invests in haredim, settlers and 34 ministers "who throw our money in the trash."

"The next tax increase is our red line, and we won't let it happen. Yesh Atid is the party of the middle class, and we will not allow the torture of citizens to continue," he concluded.