Sunday, December 23, 2012

Report: Amir Peretz is Already Taking Over The Party from Livni's Hands

MK Amir Peretz certainly struck his party and friends with astonishment when he left the party for Tzipi Livni's Hatnu'a party, from 2nd place in Labor to 3rd place in "The movement.". It has only been two weeks since they started off as a happy couple, and Tzipi Livni's party are already beginning to feel Peretz's presence at large, Ma'ariv reports Monday.

In recent days, some in the party are already complaining that since he has joined and appointed to head the election campaign HQ's, Amir Peretz is already trying to overtake control in the relatively young party.

"We came to Livni's new party, but we ended up in Amir Peretz old 'Am Achad" party," some who came from Kadima and  are close to Livni complained.

"It's not clear how much Livni is aware of what's going on in her own party. She's not interested in being involved in dealing with politics, and therefore is just simply not aware of the situation. her aides and staffer, however, are very concerned," said one of the sources.

As chairman of the election HQ's and Election day activities, Peretz has the authority to appoint whoever he feels comfortable with to any position within the campaign, which results in preferring his people he brought with over others.

"Tzipi is Tzipi," one party member described. "She's not the type of person that would fight and bang on the table. It's her character for the good and the bad, and she will not change."