Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gaza Operation Unites Israeli's behind their Leaders

Haaretz Poll Thurs 1/1
Likud 32 (last week 30)
Kadima 27 (last week 27)
Labor 16 (last week 11)

Netanyahu:Our example is Britian in World war 2

Netanyahu answered children's questions in an Ashkelon community center, and even agreed to hold a baby goat that was brought to the bomb shelter along with a bunch of pets for the children to play with.

"I don't care if he is doing it because of an election campaign," said Doris Yatim, a secretary in the community center. "For half an hour I felt good, I felt that we are taken care of."

Bibi Tours the south with International Ambassadors - Ashkelon,Ashdod and visits the Injured in Hospital

Labor, Barak enjoy popularity surge thanks to Gaza operation, Likud still leads

Y.Verter-Haaretz).The Labor Party has emerged the biggest political winner of the war against Hamas so far.

Labor and its head, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, have made significant gains, bringing the left-wing to a 60:60 draw against right-wing and ultra-Orthodox parties.

Just a week ago, before the offensive, the Haaretz-Dialog public opinion poll gave the right bloc 65 MKs and the left 53 plus two for the Pensioners. While Likud actually gained support in the past week, it came at the expense of other right-wing parties.

Labor, on the other hand, is mostly pulling votes away from parties such as the Pensioners, Meretz and the various environmentalist parties.

A decisive majority of respondents support continuing the army's air campaign against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip without endangering the lives of Israel Defense Forces soldiers in a ground offensive.

Only about 20 percent of respondents support expanding the operation into a ground campaign - about the same proportion that supports an immediate cease-fire.

According to the survey, conducted yesterday under the supervision of Professor Camil Fuchs of Tel Aviv University, if the Knesset elections were to be held today both of the main blocs would find it hard to form a government unless one of the parties were to defect to the rival side.

Just five days into the war, though, Israeli casualties have been minimal and there is an overall sense that the operation is a military success.

Experience teaches that the poll numbers could change very quickly with any complication in the fighting. During the first week of the Second Lebanon War, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and then defense minister Amir Peretz enjoyed unprecedented popularity ratings of 75 percent and 80 percent, respectively. Two months later those ratings fell by about 90 percent.

As expected, Barak and Labor are the main beneficiaries of the war, for now. The latest poll has Labor 16 seats,Likud 32 and Kadima 27.

Barak's personal fortunes improved sharply, with 53 percent of poll respondents expressing satisfaction with his performance (compared to just 34 percent about six months ago). A larger number, 38 percent, are dissatisfied with him but that is nevertheless a significant improvement over the 52 percent disapproval rating of six months ago.

Olmert, too, has gotten a popularity boost, with a 33 percent popularity rating this week compared to an average of 14 percent since the Second Lebanon War, about two and a half years ago.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu are also getting good grades from the public for their performances in recent days.

Arutz 2 Poll:Likud's lead over Kadima is still Informal

Likud 31
Kadima 25
Labor 15
Lieberman 10

War PM: 64% rating for Olmert's handling

Is the current punitive campaign against Hamas in Gaza political?

(Americanthinker).The Obama Administration wants a Leftist prime minister in Israel, someone who is pliable and willing to make major territorial concessions to the Palestinian Authority. That means either Ehud Barak, who led the retreat from Lebanon in 1992, or Tzipi Livni. They represent two parties of the Left, which could form a majority coalition in the Knesseth. One reason why the punitive Gaza strikes are taking place right now is that Obama and Hillary don't want a Bibi Netanyahu right-of-center coalition. The Gaza campaign will strengthen the Left in Israel, or that is at least the calculation.

LACK OF LEADERSHIP: 42% support a ceasefire

Arutz 2 poll shows that when there is a Lack of Leadership,People get frustrated and don't know what to expect and what the current situation is going to lead to, therefore 42% support a ceasefire plan, while a majority of 58% Oppose any ceasefire as long as the rockets continue to aim Israel.

Ya'alon: "There is a Failure of Leadership"

Netanyahu on CBS

Netanyahu - Country First

The daily newspaper Israel Hayom reported on Wednesday that Foreign Ministry officials expressed gratitude that the opposition leader is taking part in their efforts.

Obama defends israel's right to Defend itself

Satira and Humour: Eretz Nehederet Show 12/23

Bibi’s back as flak

(Reuters).Saying he was answering a request from Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to help out with Israel’s “PR”, or public relations, during its current Gaza offensive against Hamas, right-wing Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu gave a series of interviews to foreign media on Tuesday, including Reuters in

It’s not every day that a leader of a country’s main opposition party serves as what journalists call a “flak”, or PR spokesman, in support of political rivals.

With Israeli military forces in action against Hamas, it’s a time for unity, Netanyahu explained, six weeks before Israel’s national election.

Since Israeli air strikes began in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, Bibi, as Netanyahu is popular known, has been taking a back seat to Defence Minister Ehud Barak of Labour and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, leader of the ruling Kadima Party.

Some TV time, even on foreign news stations — many of which are received by viewers in Israel — can’t hurt, especially when an opinion poll on Sunday indicated that Livni was chipping away at Netanyahu’s lead ahead of the Feb. 10 ballot

IDF: Rocket that hit Beersheba school made in China

"We are witnessing the expansion of the rocket fire emanating from Gaza to a radius of 30 - 40 kilometers (about 19 – 25 miles)," the deputy commander of the IDF's Home Front Command said Wednesday.

Addressing residents' claims that the city's bomb shelters are run down and uninhabitable, Ben-David said that on Monday the IDF instructed the local municipality to open all of the shelters and make certain that they are fit for use.

The army official said the rocket that struck the school in Beersheba was manufactured in China, is heavier than the Qassam and can "potentially cause much greater damage." He said the rocket contains metal pallets that can spread out across a radius of up to 100 meters (about 328 feet) from the point of impact.

Life in Southern Israel

Daily lifestyle in Sderot - 15 Second to Cover

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poll: 40% of voters aged 26 to 35 and 33% aged 18 to 25 not planning to vote in Knesset elections, Likud Leads among Young Voters

(Ayala Tsoref Haaretz).The poll, that was carried out before the Gaza campaign, found that the distribution of 120 seats in the Knesset for age 18-25 voters would be Likud 39 Kadima 18 Labor 4 while age 26-35 voters would be Likud 30 Kadima 25
Labor 8.

Israelis have proven that the stereotype of the politically apathetic youth
is more than just a superficial image. About 33 percent of voters aged 18 to
25 said they don't plan to vote in the general elections in February and 15
percent said they were undecided on the question of voting, according to a
survey carried out by the Panels institute on behalf of TheMarker. In all,
48 percent of young voters either won't vote or are still deliberating the
issue. Advertisement

About 40 percent of voters aged 26 to 35, many of whom have young families
and are members of the middle class, said they won't vote in the elections
and another six percent haven't made up their minds.

Voter turnout last election stood at 67.8 percent.

"Young voters' indifference stems from the sense of disappointment and
disgust of politics," said Guy Toledano, the Meretz campaign manager. "On
the public relations side of things, political parties should try and raise
the sense of commitment among young voters. Other polls unrelated to
politics show many young people feel strongly about getting involved in a
wide area of activities. When it comes to voting they are just fed up with
politics and politicians."

Respondents in the survey gave two main reasons for why they were not
interested in the upcoming elections. About 58 percent said they distrusted
the candidates. Others said, "the issue doesn't interest me."

"Unfortunately, the data we are receiving from polls confirm the serious
fears shared by all parties that many young voters are undecided and the
others are simply not interested," said Ziv Poplovski, the joint director
general of the Leomek Hatoda'a public relations firm that specializes in the
youth market. Leomek Hatoda'a also participated in the survey.

The poll was carried out a few days before the start of Operation Cast Lead
by the Israel Defense Forces against Hamas in Gaza began. Poplovski believes
that had elections been held now, the fighting may have influenced turnout.

"If elections were held today turning in the public in general and among
youths in particular may be higher because of the sense of consensus in the
righteousness of the war," he said. "But wars tend to be consensual in the
beginning and later split the public into separate camps and so I believe
that by the time the elections come around the war won't have any influence
on the turnout."

Likud, which is leading in the polls, also has an edge among young voters.
Meretz, too, draws a disproportionately high number of young voters in
comparison to any other age groups. Labor, on the other hand, is crashing
among voters under age 25 and is predicted to garner only four Knesset seats
from them. Contrary to popular opinion, the issue of the environment has not
managed to rally many young voters; the Green Party is expected to gain
between two to three Knesset seats.

"Young and middle-aged voters may be the key to victory this election," said
Menahem Lazar, the head of political research at Panels. "In 2006, for
instance, the pensioner vote was all-important. Figuring out how to drum up
the support of young voters may win the election. But to do that politicians
will have to figure out how to overcome the sense of alienation and lack of
trust among young voters."

Comments on Bibi in US blogs

  • "I love Bibi! He’s a smart man and I hope he wins the election. No one will mess with Israel under him, unless they want their butt kicked! He’s a no nonsense kinda guy, and that’s what Israel needs".
  • "I hope he wins...for their sake. They won’t have the USA to rely on for too much longer".
  • "I sure hope he wins. He's such a nice, gentle, man, until he needs to be tough and then people better get out of his way! Such is the case with Hamas. They're going to be in a world of hurt if he wins.".
  • "Benjamin Netanyahu you are a great man".
  • "Come on Bibi, we need you!".
  • "I love me some Bibi...he's frikking hot too. The accent kills me".
  • "Netanyahu for PM!hell, Netanyahu for PRESIDENT OF THE US!he'd actually take the problems of our country and attack them head on."

Shhhh! As the world waits for Obama to voice his opinion on Gaza, America's President-elect hits the golf course

Barack Obama remained silent over the violence in Gaza as Israel today threatened to continue its attacks for weeks.
Instead, the President-elect is continuing his 12-day Christmas holiday in Hawaii and was seen enjoying a round of golf.
He joined a group of friends at a private club near his £6million rented, beach-front holiday home yesterday.
But despite trying to stay quiet, Mr Obama - who was wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, khaki shorts, white and brown golf shoes, and a red baseball cap – still couldn’t avoid any drama.
He was greeted by applause when he walked up to the 18th green - and then, motioning for them to be quiet by putting a finger to his lips, finished with a 20-yard putt.
‘That was pretty good, right?’ he said to more cheers as he went to meet his fans.
It was Mr Obama's third visit to the Mid Pacific Country Club course in Kalilua while on holiday.
But he may not be able to remain tight-lipped about Gaza for too long.

Arutz 2 report: The BIBI - C Explanation machine

Arutz 1 Poll:28% Prefer Netanyahu to manage now the State

Channel 1 poll:
Who from these people would you prefer to manage now the state?
Netanyahu 28%
Livni 25%
Olmert 5%

Netanyahu on CNN

''He is good at that, No?" - Media Applaud Netanyahu on His Explanation skills

Netanyahu on SKY

Netanyahu on BBC

Barak and Olmert meet to discuss Ceasfire for 48 hours

TEXT-Netanyahu calls for Hamas's removal in Gaza

(Reuters) - Following are excerpts from a Reuters interview on Tuesday with Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who defended a Gaza offensive he said is aimed at ending a Hamas rocket threat on Israel.

Q. What will it take to do that?

A. "It will take military action. It will take a united people. In this case there is no difference between the opposition and the coalition. We are united in this, to ward off this criminal assault on our people. I don't think any country would allow its cities to be rocketed, its citizens to be bombed, its children to be killed and maimed by indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population. It's just got to stop?"

Q. And yet civilians are being killed in Gaza?

A. "I think the international community is right to be concerned about the death of civilians. This is precisely the point. The Hamas is deliberately targeting civilians, deliberately hiding behind civilians. That's a double war crime in itself, and very different from us. We have tried to minimise civilian casualties. When they fire into Ashdod, one of our biggest seaport cities, or into Ashkelon, another city, they hope to get civilian casualties, they hope to get a kindergarten, they hope to get a school. When we go after the terrorists themselves, we hope not to have any incidental civilian casualties."

Q. Israeli ground forces are massing along the area, in an area where journalists are not allowed to be right now, where they can't see what's happening. Isn't Israel afraid that a ground offensive will result in more civilian casualties, along with Israeli casualties, and bring international pressure?

A. "I am not going to get into the tactics. There is a goal and the goal is to remove this Iranian-sponsored Hamas terrorist base which is right now hitting the suburbs of Tel Aviv ... the action that is required is something that removes this Hamas regime from the scene. Ultimately we have no other choice."

Q. Is Israel seeking the removal of the Hamas government in Gaza ... in this operation. Or is this something it is going to pursue further along the line?"

A. "I think ultimately we need to do this. Whether it can be done right now is something I don't think we should discuss here. But it should be discussed because ultimately, if we don't do it, then Hamas will rearm itself ... Hamas openly declared its goal to eradicate the state of Israel from the face of the earth."

Q. In the short-term, what needs to happen. Can there be a ceasefire with Hamas?

A. "I think we want to make sure that the firing of rockets stops, but also that the capability to fire future rockets is also stopped."

Q. And how long can this take? Will it be weeks, days?

A. "I don't know. I think what is important is the goal and not how long it takes to achieve."

Q. And if you're elected prime minister in the coming election, will removing the Hamas administration in Gaza be a key goal of your government?

A. "Yes."

Q. And how would you go about it?

A. "With all the means necessary to achieve it."

Q. What about the peace talks with the Palestinians, with Mahmoud Abbas, who has been critical of Hamas? Will you be pursuing peace talks?

A. "Absolutely. I believe there are Palestinians who want peace and Palestinians who are terrorised by Hamas. In fact, I think the people of Gaza are being terrorised by Hamas itself. They're held hostage ... I mean Hamas ... puts its arms caches, its rocket launchers in dense civilian populations. They're basically using these people as human shields ... My goal is to defeat Hamas and to bring up peace with those Palestinians who want to live in peace."

Q. And can that be done without targeting Hamas leaders specifically? Do you see Israel targeting Hamas leaders in this operation?

A. "I don't want to get into the tactics. I think this Hamas regime has to go."

BREAKING: FM Livni is against a ground operation while barak and Security officials push for it........developing

INTERVIEW-Israel's Netanyahu says Hamas must be uprooted

(Reuters)-Benjamin Netanyahu, touted by opinion polls to become Israel's prime minister in a Feb. 10 election, said on Tuesday a government under his leadership would use "all means necessary" to end Hamas's rule over Gaza.

Netanyahu, head of the right-wing opposition Likud party, made the comments in a Reuters interview, saying he had answered a call by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "to help out in Israel's PR (public relations) efforts" during its current Gaza operation.

"The action that is required is something that removes this Hamas regime from the scene," Netanyahu said.

Asked if Israel was seeking to do this during the military campaign it launched on Saturday with the declared aim of halting Hamas rocket attacks, he said:

"Whether it can be done right now is something I don't think we should discuss here. But it should be discussed because ultimately, if we don't do it, then Hamas will rearm itself."

Netanyahu replied in the affirmative when asked if removing the Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, territory the Islamist group seized in 2007, would be a key goal of a Likud-led government.

As to how it would go about ending Hamas's control of the coastal enclave, he said, without elaborating: "With all the means necessary to achieve it."

In the Gaza operations, Netanyahu said, Israel wanted "to make sure the firing of rockets stops, but also that the capability to fire future rockets is also stopped".

He declined to comment on what military tactics Israel might use beyond air strikes that have killed nearly 350 Palestinians, including, according to U.N. figures, at least 62 civilians.

Three Israeli civilians and a soldier have been killed by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip since the offensive began, and Israeli forces have massed along the territory's frontier in preparation for a possible invasion.

Netanyahu said Israel has been trying to minimise Palestinian civilian casualties. He accused Hamas of using civilians in the Gaza Strip as "human shields" by placing its rocket launchers and arms caches in heavily populated areas.

Directing his message to the international community, he said: "If you side with Israel today, you will be sending a message to the world, to the terrorists of the world: 'You cannot do this. We will not tolerate it. We will not be duped.'"

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jews or Juice? Go to School rather then Protest

Shame and Disgrace:Neturi Karta Jew protests with Hamas Supporters against Israel

(BBC).Seven people were arrested after a second day of protests outside the Israeli Embassy in west London over Israel's air raids on Gaza.....Also at the protest was Rabbi Chaim Blayer, 22, from Stamford Hill in north-east London,He said he was there to protest on behalf of "our Palestinian brothers" and also to protest against the state of Israel.

He told the BBC: "There should be a whole state of Palestine. My community feels very shocked at what's going on.

"Groups in London synagogues are all talking about this, everybody is very upset about what is going on."

Likud Launches campaign with praise for the IDF

(Jpost).The Likud paid in advance for hundreds of billboards nationwide to launch a campaign Sunday attacking Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, but it decided to freeze the negative campaign when the operation in the Gaza Strip began.

Instead, the space will be used for a campaign saluting the army and inhabitants of Sderot and Ashkelon, the party announced Monday.

The "rally around the flag" campaign was initiated at the advice of the Likud's American strategists, Bill Knapp and Josh Isay.

The slogan on the billboards will now read "Strong together - The Likud with the IDF and the residents of the South."

Netanyahu on FOX:No nation in the world would have acted differently

2 killed, several badly hurt by rockets

Mortar shells fired by Palestinian terrorists kill one person in Shaar Hanegev Regional Council, wound two other, one of them seriously. Meanwhile rocket attack on Ashdod leaves one woman dead, another seriously hurt.

Netanyahu on FOX

New Bibilady clip........register as friend at link ....... developing.......

Dan Gillerman on FOX

PR Czar called for Duty - Netanyahu joins Gaza op PR effort

(Jpost).Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met one-on-one Monday with Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu and updated him about the progress of Operation.

Olmert asked Netanyahu to join Israel's public relations efforts as he did during the
Second Lebanon War. Netanyahu's spokesman said he responded affirmatively and without hesitation despite being the leader of the opposition in the middle of an election campaign.

Netanyahu's associates said there was no conflict of interest, because he was representing the country and not the government. They said he would continue to criticize the government's policies of inaction in the Gaza Strip that were in force until Saturday.

The Likud leader was already interviewed Monday night on the American Fox News channel. He will give five interviews to international media outlets Tuesday.

Knesset Approves Gaza Operation

Knesset resolves: "It is the right of the State of Israel to defend itself just as it is the right of any nation to do so."
The Knesset held an emergency session on Monday and approved the government's decision to embark on Operation Cast Lead against Hamas in Gaza. The Knesset session was punctuated by stormy comments made by the Arab Knesset Members, who were repeatedly thrown out of the session. The mixed Arab-Jewish party Hadash boycotted the session entirely. All Knesset parties except for Meretz and the Arab parties approved the decision to support the action in Gaza. The decision stated: "It is the right of the State of Israel to defend itself just as it is the right of any nation to do so. It is the right of the citizens of Israel to live with security just as it the right of any other citizens to do so."

The decision continued: "The Israeli Knesset stands united behind the army's operation in Gaza to uphold these rights. The Knesset supports the IDF and the security forces in their actions and blesses the officers and soldiers who protect their people and country. The Knesset also blesses the citizens of the south who are under terrorist attack and identifies with their suffering."

Netanyahu's statement to the World:This is for the Future of our region

Netanyahu in Knesset:We stand united in this war

a special session called in the wake of the IDF operation in Gaza and the situation in southern Israel, Netanyahu called upon the citizenry of Israel, Jews and Arabs alike, to stand united behind the IDF’s actions in the south. He likewise called for a change in policy that would restore Israel’s deterrence. “For three transgressions of Gaza, I will turn away but for the fourth, I will not”, Netanyahu opened his address in the plenum session of the Knesset quoting from the Prophet Amos.

“For firing upon civilians, for taking cover behind civilians, for causing suffering to our citizens, and for causing suffering to their citizens, we will strike back at the terror in double measure , said Netanyahu and enumerated the crimes of the Hamas: “for destroying our communities, for destroying hope, we will pay them back with an iron hand, the hand of the Jewish people, as the Prophet Amos said: “I will send fire in the walls of Gaza.”

“There is no nation in the world who would have acted differently, said Netanyahu, noting that “For years we have been saying that the ceasefire was an illusion and that we have to move from passivity to activity. But now is not the time for divisiveness. Now is the time to focus on the challenge of the present.”

“There is no way to give back to the children of southern Israel the years of the loss of their peace of mind but we have a chance to create a different reality”, Netanyahu said, “The Prime Minster did well when he decided to move from passively taking punishment to taking an active initiative.”

“We stand behind our fighters in the IDF and the residents of the south who have been under prolonged fire, and now we have a dual goal: to stop the firing on our communities and to eliminate the threat of missiles. Achieving the first goal can be accomplished within a few days but achieving the second will be completed only with the toppling of the Hamas regime.”

“There is another goal, which is to restore Israel’s deterrence, for without it we have no chance of survival. Restoring our deterrent power will not happen in the wake of one operation. Our enemies saw that over the many years since the establishment of the State of Israel, the country has grown stronger and from war to war the number of our enemies has dwindled. It is this policy that paved the way for the peace with Egypt. In recent years, misguided policies and weakness have led our enemies to revise their perception of us, to perceive us now as weakening in our resolve to fight.”

“Changing their perception of us will not take place in a week or a month, not even in a year. Deterrence can be lost in a short time but many years are required to restore it,” said Netanyahu and noted that its return is vital for achieving peace.

“Our deterrent power will be restored when we implement a consistent policy of waging an uncompromising war against terror, when we draw our own lines, and exact heavy tolls from anyone crossing these lines. Those who say differently also said that we could never uproot suicide bomber terror or stop the shooting at Gilo.”

“We must avoid the diplomatic errors that rewarded terror and gave them bases from which to launch attacks against us in the north and in the south. We must maintain defensible borders such as the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, and our capital Jerusalem, in its entirety.”

“Let our enemies make no mistake. To face what we must undertake in Gaza, all of the citizens of Israel are called upon to stand united. I do not mean that every last citizen must automatically approve every measure taken by the government but it is intolerable that they will support our enemies while the IDF is fighting the Hamas.

It is inconceivable that there are those among us who raise the flag of Hamas and repeat the slogans that call for our destruction. To the Arabs citizens of Israel I say: Reject the extremists among you. Help preserve the fabric of coexistence . To the extremists I say: Think twice, we will act with an iron hand against Hamas supporters in our midst.”.

“Citizenship gives many privileges but it also involves obligations. And the first and most basic obligation is loyalty to the state, the loyalty that we demand from all of the citizenry.”

Netanyahu called on Prime Minister Olmert to fire Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Raleb Majadele , who boycotted the cabinet meeting that approved the operation in Gaza. “I call upon all citizens of Israel, Jews and Arabs alike: support the state of Israel in its just war”.

During Netanyahu's address, Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik expelled two Arab Israeli MKs from the special meeting, after they repeatedly interrupted his speech.

The first MK to be expelled from the meeting was Muhammad Barakei (Hadash), who called out, "How many wars are on your menu, Bibi?" as Netanyahu began his address to the Knesset. MK Gideon Sa'ar (Likud) told Barakei that he should go to Gaza to show his support, to which Barakei responded, "I would if only I could."

MK Taleb A-Sanaa (United Arab List) was also expelled from the meeting.

Both MKs were warned three times before Itzik ordered that they be removed from the meeting.

Likud launches new campaign of unity: STRONG TOGETHER!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Netanyahu urges gov't to fire Minister Ghaleb Majadle

Likud chairman and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu called on Sunday night to fire Science, Culture and Sports Minister Ghaleb Majadle, or to "at least find a way to expel him."

"It is inconceivable that a minister in the Israeli government identifies with the enemy during warfare," said Netanyahu.

Likud to start off Campaign with only 40 million NIS

Netanyahu: Grievous to see Israeli citizens rally for the enemy

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu commented Sunday on the protests stages against the IDF offensive in Gaza and said that "it is grievous to see Israeli citizens rally for the enemy, while IDF troops are fighting it so fiercely.

"I call on all Israeli Arabs to speak against this radical minority. Those loyal to the State will be given all the rights they deserve."(Ynet)


According to a Channel 10/Maagar Mochot poll just released on the nightly news show dramatic gains for Labor and Kadima,While Likud's lead over kadima shrinks to 2 mandates,and for first time the Left/centerist bloc has 61 mandates anough to block netanyahu from creating a Government.

Likud 30
Kadima 28
Labor 16
Shas 10
Lieberman 10

Tibi gets wild on Channel 2

Obama - Its not my Business yet, lemmi relax!!

President-elect Barack Obama was briefed at the weekend by the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, about the Israeli bombardment of Gaza but afterwards gave no hint of how he would go about resolving the conflict.
Obama, who is on holiday on Hawaii, spoke to Rice for about eight minutes on Saturday. His national security spokeswoman, Brooke Anderson, said: "The president-elect appreciated the call and the information from Secretary Rice. He will continue to closely monitor these and other global events."

She added that he would not comment, as he was sticking to the formula that there should be "one president at a time".

IDF destroys 40 smuggling tunnels in 4 minutes

Dan Gillerman:They asked it, and they got it !

Whoever goes to sleep with missiles, should not be surprised if he doesn't get up in the morning.

Livni on FOX

Blow for Olmert - Syria suspends indirect peace talks with Israel

Askenazi:50% of the underground rockets destroyed

Government secretary:Netanyahu informed with the discussions and decisions from first Minute

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Barak on BBC & CNN

Netanyahu/Likud on rise to Victory either way

(Yossi Verter-Haaretz)......"In case of failure, Barak will not be able to hide behind the prime minister, who is nearing the end of his political road, nor will he be able to point an accusing finger at a pilot chief-of-staff or an untrained army. The failure will be all his.

In case of success, no one will be able to take it away from him. If, by the end of the operation, the general sentiment will be that Israel has once again failed to meet its goals, if rockets continue to land and Gilad Shalit remain captive, the public will turn their anger at Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and power will drop like a ripe fruit into Benjamin Netanyahu's lap.

But if Hamas is beaten and Israel receives some peace under favorable terms, Labor and Barak may gain force, primarily at the expense of Kadima and Livni.

The political deck of cards has been reshuffled. The "negative" campaigns have been put on ice. All that has attracted our attention thus far - the lists, the crossovers, the new faces - has been rendered irrelevant.

History teaches us that military campaigns which occur during election campaigns - such as Grapes of Wrath in 1996 or the intifada in 2001 - benefit the right wing more than any other camp. In any case, it's too early for guesses as to how this will all pan out".

Its time to stand behind Israel's goverment,But also elect for the Future..

As Likud leaders said on saturday that now is the time for Unity,The People of israel are united in the Mission to bring back security to its borders and to get back the strength of Israel against its enemies,But in the same time we ought to think about our future and not let any event affect the rights of the Israeli people to choose a strong Leadership that will fight for there Future and security all year round, and when this Operation in Gaza settels down and the UN forces on israel to restrain and stop the Operation,We will get back the same Leadership that brought on us this situation,The same leadership that vows to continue peace talks with the Palastinans and are willing to make more confessions that will bring the same terror to our cities as the disengagement brought on our vilages in the Northen border.
We need to Eelct a strong Leadership that will be able to lead this Country, and with a strategy that Fights for israel's security and will be able to solve the problams that face us Daily.

Netanyahu:Its Time for Unity

"There is a time for disagreement and a time for unity. This is the time for unity and we stand together as the artillery roars and we are ready to send a message to our enemies and the world – that Israel will indeed return security to its residents and that the blood of her citizens will not be abandoned".

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tzipi, where were you till now?

Bogie Yaalon: We have to Change the Strategy

On Arutz 1 Former IDF General Bogie Yaalon said:....The current situation is a result of Disarray of strategy,you can't vow to topple the Hamas and attack Gaza when in the same time you are discussing the division of Jerusalem and willing to make more and more Concessions that will bring to more terror and Hamastan in our neighbourhood's, and this leadership is a Failed Leadership...."
"What we need is to Change the Strategy,and let them know that they will pay a price for it,and assure security and Deterrence for our enemies from strength, look at Syria, Hezbollah and Iran that have missiles that could aim at us and destroy us but are restraining from using it because they know what price they will pay...."

Livninet(Ynet) is trying the bring down our Moral

After the ongoing personal negative attacks on Netanyahu, and painting the likud as a Extreme right wing Party didn't succeed, Kadima is trying to bring down the Moral of the Israeli people that are seeking for Hope and security,And by using the main newspapers and the MSM helping them to discuss the Poll numbers as a blow for Likud ,and that Netanyahu's campaign is falling apart,So people don't feel confident that they can make the Change and that with their vote they can bring security to Our land,just feel comfortable with Kadima,and Sleep it through as if nothing happened the past years.
Our answer to them is: it ain't going to Help,Israel is seeking leadership, security and Hope, Change is on the Way, and Yes! we will succeed.

Liarlivni - More of the same

Taking the Olmert line / Kadima leader Livni sounds a lot like predecessor

(Haaretz)."There comes a point where every country or nation must say - and this is what we are saying today - enough!" Foreign Minister and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni told party members at a gathering in Jerusalem on Tuesday, as rockets rained down on the western Negev.

Her words remarkably resembled something outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on July 17, 2006, at the height of the rocket and missile attacks on the north of the country during the Second Lebanon War: "There are moments when a nation is committed to face reality and say 'enough.' On behalf of everyone I say 'enough.'"

The end of the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestinian militants commits Livni to make more aggressive remarks. Characteristics that marked Olmert's speech could be clearly seen in the address she gave at the Kadima meeting: aggression, determination, war and peace, unity and finally victory. Livni said yesterday she wrote the speech in order to calm the situation and, unlike Olmert, did not set far-reaching goals.

She addressed other countries in the Middle East yesterday by saying: "My suggestion to all the radical factions in the area is not to delude yourselves. Our will for peace and quiet does not weaken our resolve from taking action against abductions and threats."

Olmert also said: "We are not looking for war or direct confrontations, but if they come about we shall not shy away from them. When missiles are launched at our residents and cities, our answer will be an all-out powerful, determined, brave war displaying the sacrifice and resolve this nation is endowed with."

Olmert also chose to address the Israeli public with a message of unity: "In a nation's history there are times of overcoming obstacles, of self-cleansing, when political and sectarian differences are put aside and replaced by a sense of joint responsibility."

Livni, too, in her speech bore a similar message: "As the elections approach, now more than ever we should remember we are all the people of Israel. Unity is the central component in our national resilience and only when we are together can nobody - nobody - defeat us."

Both decided to finish their speeches with similar phrases. "Together we'll win," Livni said yesterday. "We'll win," Olmert said two years ago.

Majority want and believe Netanyahu to be electedPM

TO what extent are the following candidates appropriate to be prime
Netanyahu yes 50% No 43% Don't know 7%

Livni: Yes 40% No 51% Don't know 51%

Barak Yes 24% No 69% Other 7%

Who do you think will be the next prime minister?
Netanyahu 46% Livni 21% Barak 7%

Who would you like to be the next prime minister?
Netanyahu 27% Livni 22% Barak 10%

(Haaretz poll)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Likud launches broadside against Livni

(Jpost).The Likud took a gamble on Thursday when it unveiled a new negative campaign attacking Kadima Leader Tzipi Livni with billboards bearing a picture of her looking tired and overwhelmed alongside the slogan "Out of her league."

The campaign is intended to create the impression that Livni does not have the experience necessary to be prime minister and that she has not proven herself in any of the cabinet positions she has held. .

The Likud's strategists defended the slogan, saying that they tested it on focus groups, and they saw no problem with it. The strategists turned the tables and said that anyone who saw their campaign as referring to Livni's gender was himself chauvinistic.

"The Kadima campaign is intended to obscure who Livni is and disconnect her from Kadima's failures, but we won't let it happen," the Likud's campaign manager, Eli Ayalon, said in a press conference at the party's Tel Aviv headquarters. "We will reveal the real Livni, a mediocre candidate, who is unfit to be prime minister. This job is too much for her to handle. If it would have been a man with similar abilities, we would have gone a lot more to the extreme."

The Likud's strategists were asked whether Livni's gender was "an elephant in the living room" that was obvious but taboo to address, like US president-elect Barack Obama's race in the recent American presidential election. They responded that they had no problem with Livni's gender and did not intend to address it.

Calling Livni a "feel-good candidate," the strategists presented polls that found that the public respected Livni, but its admiration was not backed by any concrete reason relating to her abilities. They expressed confidence that the public would differentiate between liking people and trusting them to run the country.

The polls found that 59 percent of the public considered Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu a strong leader, while just 22 percent said Livni displayed leadership that was stronger. On both security and economic issues, the public preferred Netanyahu over Livni by more than two to one.

The Likud's campaign will also feature recent quotes from Livni's critics in Kadima, such as Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, and even from Livni herself admitting that her own government was a failure.

Poll after rockets slam into Israel: Israelis support military operation in Gaza 60%-23%

Channel One reported on the Mabat evening news that a poll they commissioned yesterday (24 December) by Midgam found Israelis overwhelming support a military operation in Gaza 60% to 23% opposed

Channel 1 poll: Bibi is Favourite for PM, Likud leads Kadima 31-25

Compatible and Worthy to be PM of israel:
Netanyahu 38%
Livni 28%
Barak 8%

Likud 31
Kadima 25
Labor 11
Lieberman 12
Shas 10

Updated Geocretgraphia Poll: Likud widens lead over Kadima 36-23

Likud 36

Kadima 23

lieberman 11

labor 9

Reshet bet Poll: Likud leads kadima 32-23

Likud 32
Kadima 23
Labor 14
Shas 12
Lieberman 12

20% are still undecided

Tzipi Boy - Tzipi you are my Anticipation

new Likud Campaign slogan: "Livni - It's too much for her to handle."

(Ynet).Likud's new anti-Kadima campaign, suggesting Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni is out of her depth in her bid to be the next prime minister of Israel, has been slammed by some as chauvinistic.

Kadima Knesset Member Ronit Tirosh said that Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu's attitude "is tainted with chauvinism and reminiscent of your average macho, who is quick to whip out his yardstick."

Tourism Minister Ruhama Avraham-Balila (Kadima) reiterated the sentiment: "I'm sorry to see that Bibi is bringing us back to those dark times, when women were considered unable to hold senior positions. We all remember that Bibi was there and that he failed. The women's vote will prove that Tzipi will succeed where he has failed."
Eli Ayalon, head of the Likud's election campaign said that the new campaign slogan, reading "Livni is in over her head," is meant "to expose the truth… Kadima's campaign tires to blur Livni's true colors and create an image detached for Kadima's failures.

"Our campaign won't let that happen. We will expose the real Livni, who was there when the decisions on the Gaza pullout and the Second Lebanon War were made, and when the financial crisis broke out," he said.

When asked of the Likud would have chosen a similar slogan if Kadima would have been headed by a man, Ayalon said that "if a man exhibited the same characteristics we would have gone even further. We’re barely scratched the surface in order to avoid being blamed for chauvinism or sexism.

"Ms. Livni is running for prime minister. The people should know the truth about its candidates."

Likud member Ofir Akunis said that "the chauvinism is only in the twisted minds of Kadima heads."

"Since they have nothing substantive to say in explanation of Livni's failures, Kadima chooses to throw around empty slogans that prove the truth of the statement
," he said.

First meeting of Netanyahu's Security Forum

Netanyahu: Rocket barrage a direct result of Kadima leadership

(Jpost).Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday blamed Kadima for ongoing rocket fire on the South.

"In the last 24 hours, and at this very moment, missiles and Kassams are falling on Sderot, Ashkelon, Netivot, Sha'ar Hanegev, and the circle is widening," he said.

Speaking at the first meeting of the security-diplomatic team he assembled, the Likud chair called the "lawlessness… is a direct result of the capabilities of those that lead Kadima."

The meeting was also attended by Likud members MK Yuval Steinitz, former IDF chief of General Staff Moshe Ya'alon and MK Silvan Shalom.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yediot poll: Getting Tight Likuds's lead over Kadima 30-26

Likud 30
Kadima 26
Labor 12
Lieberman 12
Shas 10

Likud sets sights on younger voters

Likud is planning a major effort to target younger voters based upon the theory that they tend to be more conservative than their elders.

The effort will kick off on Saturday night when Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu will visit one of Tel Aviv's trendiest night clubs along with the 10 members of the party's young guard who are high enough on its Knesset slate to have a realistic chance of being elected. It will be followed by a public relations campaign and other high-profile events.

All public opinion polls and focus groups conducted in recent years have found that younger voters tend to constitute a protest vote. Sometimes they express their protest by not voting at all and other times by voting for niche parties that are considered unlikely to enter the Knesset.

University student union leaders recently set up a self-declared youth party, called Sabra, in the hope of repeating the Pensioners' success. Thus Likud felt pressed to quickly launch its own youth campaign before the new party has gained much exposure.

To head the youth campaign, Netanyahu tapped MK Gilad Erdan, 38, who is ranked third on the party's Knesset slate.

At a Likud faction meeting in Ashkelon last week, Netanyahu listed four population segments whose votes he believes will decide the outcome of the upcoming election: immigrants, young voters, women and religious Zionists.

However, the fact that the party primary resulted in 10 young people - the equivalent of a medium-sized Knesset faction - placing high enough to have a good chance to enter the next Knesset means the party is particularly well positioned to go after the young vote, Erdan noted.

"With this [numerical] strength, it is possible to lead a young people's revolution in the Knesset, and to do so from within the government," he said.

Erdan and his colleagues have formulated a special youth platform for the party, which will be unveiled at Saturday night's event.

Eitam’s Party Makes Deal With Likud

( With the deadline for submitting list of Knesset candidates only four days away, Effie Eitam’s Achi party and the Likud are rushing to complete negotiations for a technical alliance of the two, in time for the upcoming elections.

Details of the arrangement are sparse, but it appears that Eitam, and possibly also his Achi ally Rabbi Yitzchak Levy, will be inserted into the current Likud

Haaretz Poll: Right-wing voters defecting from Likud but not swaing votes to Kadima

Over the past two weeks Likud has lost approximately 15 percent of its former electoral support to other right-wing parties, according to a Haaretz poll.

The poll, commissioned by Haaretz and performed by the survey company Dialogue, indicates Likud would receive 30 seats in the Knesset compared to 36 in a previous survey by the same pollster.

Apparently, all the votes that make up the six-seat difference went to Yisrael Beiteinu, Shas and Habayit Hayehudi - all of which could boast a significant increase in constituents.

On the whole, the rightist bloc is still leading over the centrist Kadima and the leftist Labor by some 12 seats..

A possible explanation as to why Likud hemorrhaged votes can be found in the controversy surrounding hardliner Likudnik Moshe Feiglin's election to the relatively high 20th spot during the party's primary election last week.

Invoking various technical and legal amendments in the party's charter, Netanyahu managed to bump Feiglin down by more than 15 seats in what commentators described as a bid to prevent Likud from losing votes due to an overly-hawkish public image.

Now it appears that Feiglin's ousting from a Knesset seat has backfired, causing rightist voters to abandon Likud for sectarian and hardliner parties.

But according to the Dialogue survey, which was conducted over the phone and included 475 participants, Likud's decline adds nothing to Kadima's base of support. In fact, Tzipi Livni's party has continued its steady but slow decline of one seat every fortnight. It now holds 26 seats, compared to 27 two weeks ago and 28 last month.

Just as Kadima cannot claim to profit from Likud's misfortune, so Labor cannot boast any achievement at Kadima's expense. If Ehud Barak's party - which is currently Israel's fifth largest - is responsible for Kadima's one-seat loss, then it has probably lost that seat to Meretz, which rose by two seats over the past two weeks and may now command the support of enough voters to give it eight Knesset seats.

The way to victory - the Undecided voters

(JewishPress).During the US Presidential campaign the last summer 2008, Republican nominee Senator John McCain believed that to win, he needed to convince voters he was the "anti-Republican" Republican. McCain believed President Bush's low approval ratings meant the public had rejected the Republican Party.

But McCain's analysis was wrong. Americans had rejected Bush and his policies, not his party as a whole. Had McCain campaigned as the anti-Bush candidate by attacking Bush's passivity on issues like illegal immigration and the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs, and had he attacked Bush's big government policies, he would have successfully distanced himself from an unpopular president and rallied his base.

Moreover, he would have been able to attack Obama for pushing immigration, foreign policy and economic policies identical to or even more extreme than Bush's failed policies.

By incorrectly identifying the object of both Republican dissatisfaction and swing-voter concerns, McCain demoralized his base and convinced undecided voters it was okay to support Obama. Indeed, it was McCain's anti-Republican campaign more than Obama's change campaign that brought a majority of voters to Obama. As polling data indicates, Obama did not move many Republican voters to his side.

What enabled Obama to win the election was not a massive voter shift from right to left. Rather, Obama owes his victory in large part to the fact that McCain's anti-Republican campaign convinced a lot of Republicans that they had no one to vote for and so 4.1 million Republican voters stayed home on Election Day.

In Israel, Likud under Benjamin Netanyahu today has the advantage of running against Kadima, whose strategic and diplomatic programs have been largely rejected by voters. On the other hand, Netanyahu is running against Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni who is quite reasonably playing down her radical and failed policies and basing her campaign on her undeserved reputation for competence and her dubious public persona as a clean politician.

To win, Netanyahu and Likud should be doing two things. They should be continuously pointing out Kadima's record of failure in office and they should be attacking Livni. They should be emphasizing Livni's personal failures in office and focus the public's attention on the fact that she owes her political rise to her association with corrupt politicians like Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert.

Then emphasize the policy distinctions between likud and Kadima, and make sure that the undecided voters shouldnt see a difference between Livni's policies and the current, and to make them uncomfortable to vote Kadima.

Ehud Barak urges not to vote for Kadima,Vote for Bibi

On the Mishal Cham show Ahud Barak refused to provide who he thinks can succeed as PM,But indicated a Heartful wish that Netanyahu should Win and create a Unity Government with Labor: "if you are Right vote for Bibi, but if you are Centerist/left Vote only for Labor".

M/M-Arutz 2 Poll: Likud Leads Kadima 31-25

Likud 31
Kadima 25
Labor 11
Lieberman 13
Shas 12

Bibi inviting the Youth to join in a personal message

Benny Begin to chair Likud elections headquarters

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to appoint Benny Begin to head the party's elections headquarters, Ynet has learned.

Netanyahu creating a National security Team

The Team is to meet and discuss and offer a Plan that will be the Likuds direction and vision for the Future.
The team includes members like: Yaalon,Begin,Shalom,Peled,Meridor,Shtienitz,Dayan,Saar,Arnes and Arad

Kadima suspending Campaign event due to situation (click to link)

Remember John McCain suspending his campaign due to the Economic crisis in order to show leadership while he had no solution to the crisis ,But Obama responded that a leader has to be able to deal with a few crisis as it comes and not run away, this is what the election is about - who will change this situation and who offers solutions.
Tzipi Livni has no Solution to the current situation and is responsible to it,as its party is in control,And without any Hope to offer and any solutions,She tries to run away and blame others.
This is what the Election is all about, and instead of showing sympathy for the citizens suffering from the current security crisis, That Kadima and its government paved us into it,Kadima has to take responsibility and pay the price for the failure,The Israeli people are waiting for leadership and security,This is the choice in this important Election.

Bibi: Israel must restore national pride

Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu called a press conference Wednesday aimed at introducing the party's immigrants' headquarters to the press, ahead of the nearing general elections.

"I will not accept this situation," he told Ynet. "I can’t think of any other country that would do nothing when faced with constant rocket fire. We have to go from a policy of compliance to one of assault. We have to restore our national pride.

"The current situation in unbearable and we will change that. The resident of southern Israel will not abide having an Iranian base in the Negev," he said.

Referring back to the Likud's aspiration within the immigrant community, Netanyahu said that "we care about the immigrants not just when in comes to the elections, but when it comes to the leadership of this country, as well."

Yediot Moving ballot box in Migdal:Likud 30,Kadima 20

in the Previous 2006 Election, Kadima got 35 and likud only 13

Livni - The courage to sing and flop

Netanyahu on the current Security situation

Netanyahu's interview on Reshet bet channel


Netanyahu: I wish Kadima would invest 10% of their energy they use against me,To fight the Hamas & Terror

Netanyahu in a feisty Interview on Reshet bet claimed that the continuation of rockets being fired on Israel Must stop.
On the interviewer's request If he has such a clear message and his rhetoric is so fluent why he wouldn't face a Debate against Livni, Netanyahu replied that First of all Livni has to debate herself and decide what her Stands on the issues are, And the absurd is that Kadima has the Chutzpa to vow for Change when they are the one responsible to the current crisis.
He also had a message to the Failed Government and leadership of Kadima: I wish they would invest only 10% of their energy they use against me, to fight against the Hamas, and fight for the Problem that we face in these difficult times.

Internal Likud poll shows Likud still ahead in the race

Likud 31
Kadima 25
Lieberman 12
Labor 11

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eretz Nehederet show Endorses Livni... But Israel's Future is not decided by Comedians and Pundits.

The Eretz Nehederet show last night starting its 6st season ,started off with a commitment to fulfill a major decider in the upcoming Election, unlike SNL show in the U.S.A,the show was a attempt to Hurt Netanyahu's chances to Win in Jan. And to give a easy pass to Livni to paint Netanyahu as a far right extremist and as a un-truthful Politician that will say anything in order to get Elected, and that will create a extreme government based on racial thoughts and sexy comments, while Livni got Through easy being mocked by her ugly looking but given a easy treatment.

This will not help as Livni's personal negative attack didn't help persuade the Israeli people to give up on Change and Real Leadership that will get this country moving in the Right Direction.

Arutz 1:Likud Maintains Lead over Kadima 34-26

Likud - 34
Kadima - 26
Labor - 10

Likud's response to Kadima's vow for Change

"This first time in the history of the state that a Party that is ruling attacks and opposes its own government that is in control. Ramon's remarks are destined to cheat the public. The truth is that Kadima/Livni is guilty over the States failure in the security, Economy,Education and in the inner security ".

Arutz 10 report: Livni's internal Polls show Kadima trailing the Likud by a big margin

Spinners and cheaters should not decide the Election outcome

(dani doron-Jpost)."Bibi took your pensions away. He threw them into the financial market jungle, ruining your future. He imported a failed capitalist ideology to Israel and destroyed the economy." So charge Binyamin Netanyahu's adversaries.
.........But why not exploit the crisis to destroy what little freedom Netanyahu's reforms brought to the economy? Why care if the country will lose its only hope of deliverance from the economic retardation caused by our statist heritage?
To discredit Netanyahu, our left-leaning media are inventing spins that convert day into night and night into day. They are trying to convince us that Netanyahu - whose reforms in 2003 saved workers from massive unemployment and the Histadrut-despoiled pension funds from collapse - is the enemy of workers and pensioners; that he who broke the banking cartel, the stronghold of our oligarchy, is working for the rich.
They are trying to brainwash us into believing that an economic reform that generated a tremendous five-year rapid growth (5% average), after two decades of no growth and deep recessions, a reform that created 400,000 new jobs and reduced unemployment from 10.4% to 5.9% was "a catastrophic failure."
THE CYNICAL operators who got Ehud Olmert elected have been ruining Israeli democracy by distorting information vital for critical voter choices. They were not even ashamed to boast on camera (in a TV documentary All the Campaign's Men) that in the last elections they acted "like sharks smelling blood and going for the kill," that they were determined "to put their foot on their adversary's throat and press until they strangle him." Now they are waging a similar campaign on behalf of Tzipi Livni, a candidate who vowed to bring us new, clean politics.
It is scandalous that politicians aspiring for the highest offices, Livni, Ehud Barak, Haim Ramon, Avishay Braverman, Ronnie Bar-On and many others gleefully participate in this culture of lies. Before the term "spin" was born people used to call the distortion of the truth cheating, and "spinners" cheaters. To heal our sick body politic we should return to such simple language.

John mccain (opp... sorry Ahud Barak) is going to have a live Appearence on Eretz Nehederet tonight

Chuchill's words then, is a legacy to the current situation

"..You ask, What is our policy? I will say; “It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us: to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.” You ask, What is our aim? I can answer with one word: Victory—victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival".

Kadima's slogan: Tzipi Livni - a Different Leader

Or you can pronounce it: leads Differently (defenition - Differing from all others; unusual: a different point of view).

Bibi predicted to Win....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Netanyahu's aides nix debate for now

(Haaretz).Associates of Benjamin Netanyahu have given what appears to be a negative answer to the debate invitation that Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni extended to the Likud chief last week.

"First Livni needs to debate herself and make up her mind on whether she's in favor of unilateral pullouts or not," a Netanyahu associate said. According to another: "Likud's chairman would be delighted to debate Livni, but only after she decides on whether she wants to cede East Jerusalem and return to the borders of June 4, 1967."

He added that "Livni flip-flopped across the political establishment this week when she substituted her former views, which resemble the platform of the left-wing Meretz party, with those of the hawkish Avigdor Lieberman from Yisrael Beiteinu."

Netanyahu Lighting the Menora on 2nd of Chanukka

Arutz 2: Will Lieberman and Netanyahu merge into One Party?

Arutz 2/Youtube Election Channel, ask the Candidates...

צלמים הושפלו בכנס קדימה ועזבו במחאה

Likud Tour Ramat Hagolan

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Netanyahu: Likud will keep Golan Heights

While PM Olmert meets with Turkish counterpart to discuss talks with Syria, Likud candidates tour northern Israel. 'We don't know what Olmert will agree to behind closed doors,' says party leader

"We don't know what Olmert is going to agree on behind closed doors," said Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu. "We are here to state unequivocally: A Likud-led government will stay on the Golan Heights and keep them as a strategic asset."

Speaking with former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon and former Commander of the Northern Front Yossi Peled at his sides, Netanyahu continued, "Israel's citizens expect the government to protect their security 365 days a year and not try to use various politicians to shirk responsibility two months before elections by making indirect statements."

Yaalon also commented on negotiations with Syria, saying, "You don't need to be a military expert to understand from here why the 1967 border is not defendable from this angle."

"They are trying to sell us in Turkey. The Golan is the oxygen of the State of the Jews. To discuss it is potential suicide for the State of Israel, and Kadima's decline," added Peled.

Some inside dope on Likud

(Israpundit).The latest poll from Maariv has Likud and Kadimah in a dead heat. I asked a Likud insider about this and he discounted it as coming from the left. He reminded me about how the polls has Livni ten points ahead of Mofaz when they were in fact in a dead heat. He had other things to say.

- Likud will get from 31 to 39 mandates in the upcoming election.

- Bibi is putting forward his plans for a bottom up process instead of the top down one now in place. This change has been rejected by all world leaders. I asked if it was another way to put off negotiations and he said “yes” and that Likud didn’t want to be in your face so to speak. It must talk the talk.

- Bibi considers the economic meltdown the major issue to campaign on, so his states talk of economic development.

Tzipi!!! what about YOU?

Fraud at Kadima primaries...

Hey Tzipi! are you not Obama??

Livni proud with her relationship with Bush/Cheney

Netanyahu in Sederot

Netanyahu: Kadima responsible for Sderot residents' suffering

During a tour of Sderot on Sunday, Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu said, "We'll give our full support to the government if it moves towards active policy against Hamas in Gaza."

"Residents of Israel can't count on miracles," he continued. "Kadima ministers are responsible for the fact that the truce enabled Hamas to rearm with weapons that can reach Ashdod and Beersheba."

"There's a full range of actions that can be carried out between not doing anything, like the government is doing now, and occupying the Gaza Strip," he added.

The opposition leader went on to echo a statement his party released earlier in the day which charged that rival party Kadima was responsible for continued rocket fire on the western Negev, also blaming them for withdrawing from Gaza in 2005.

"[Foreign Minister] Tzipi Livni and the Kadima ministers are trying to shirk their responsibility with all sorts of fiery declarations, but they're responsible for the unilateral disengagement which created a terror state in Gaza," he said.

"For three years, Kadima ministers have twiddled their thumbs and buried their heads in the sand, and the time has come to change that," he adding, stressing that "government ministers should stop attacking each other and start attacking Hamas."

The earlier Likud statement had asserted that "Israelis are now eating the rotten fruits of the political blindness of Livni and [Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert."

"Contrary to [Livni and Olmert], [Likud leader Binyamin] Netanyahu and the Likud believe terrorist bases must not be established in Jerusalem, or in Judea and Samaria, and that Hamas's control of Gaza must be overthrown," the Likud statement added.

Livni is bringing up bad Memories of a Failed war on Kadima's behalf

Livni vows to topple Hamas if elected PM
(Reuters) - Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni vowed on Sunday to end Hamas's rule in the Gaza Strip if she is elected prime minister in a February election.

"The state of Israel, and a government under me, will make it a strategic objective to topple the Hamas regime in Gaza," Livni told members of her centrist Kadima party. "The means for doing this should be military, economic and diplomatic."

Mrs. Livni's commitment to topple the hamas regime ,And Kadima's senior officials calling for action in Gaza, bring up bad memories by the Israeli people, of a failed war in Lebanon,and failing policies that led to this security crisis,And brings up concerns on Livni's credibility to lead Israel in these difficult times,To assure security for israel,Israel needs strong leadership that can handle a crisis and put the people's trust in them to assure security for israel.

'Israelis eating rotten fruits of Livni, Olmert's political blindness'

(Jpost).Responding to continued Kassam rocket and mortar shell fire on the western Negev by Palestinian terrorists, the Likud on Sunday charged that rival party Kadima was responsible.

"Israelis are now eating the rotten fruits of the political blindness of [Kadima leader Tzipi] Livni and [Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert," the party stated.

"Contrary to [Livni and Olmert], [Likud leader Binyamin] Netanyahu and the Likud believe terrorist bases must not be established in Jerusalem, or in Judea and Samaria, and that Hamas control of Gaza must be overthrown."

Why? because.......

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chaim Rimon(Kadima):Kadima's Policy in Gaza is a complete failure

"Minister Ramon said, "Barak's policy in Gaza has been a complete failure and it is harming the residents of the south as well as Israel's security. I demand that the prime minister hold an emergency hearing and change the policies regarding Gaza and its vicinity immediately"...(Ynet)

Likud Commercial: Because we care for Israel

Netanyahu's election slogan: 'Likud - because the state needs to be run'

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party over the weekend unveiled its election campaign slogan, which urges Israelis to vote: "Likud - because the state needs to be run."

A campaign based around the slogan will be launched on the internet on Sunday, and will also be plastered on billboards across Israel in a bid to sway voters ahead of February's general election.

In the light of recent polls indicating a resurgent Kadima, Likud's main rival, officials in Netanyahu's center-right party have requested that the campaign be focused on the issue of leadership.

Specifically, the officials wish to stress that only Netanyahu and Likud can steer Israel through the crises it faces, as opposed to Kadima, which they say failed during the Second Lebanon War and in the current conflict with Gaza militants .

Friday, December 19, 2008

Netanyahu to French Jewish leaders: ‘it is good today to be Israeli in France’

PARIS (EJP)---Likud party leader Benyamin Netanyahu told leaders of the French Jewish community, the largest in western Europe, how much “it is good today to be Israeli in France."

During a meeting Thursday evening at the Paris Press Club with Jewish leaders, organized by CRIF, the umbrella representative body of French Jewish communities, Netanyahu said that his talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and with French ministers on Thursday confirmed his view that France has changed in a more favourable way towards Israel.

Netanyahu, whose Likud party is leading in polls in Israel ahead of the February general elections, said Nicolas Sarkozy in France and Barack Obama in the US have emerged on the world scene as two important leaders with a huge prestige.

Their international credit is great and they both oppose the military nuclearization of Iran, Netanyahu said, citing Sarkozy’s recent statement that he would not shake hands with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who said that Israel should be wiped off the map.

For Netanyahu, the world economic crisis, with the fall in the oil prices, has weakened the Iranian regime. This offers the world new possibilities to pressure Tehran.

“ We are at an historical crossroad. World governments will have to make a choice, to be on one or the other side. They will be judged by history in function of this choice,” he told the CRIF representatives.

As goes Rechovot so goes the Nation...........

Rechovot was the exact Indicator for the past 2 Elections,Every election year Rechovots street Poll indicated the exact results as it was on Election day.
This week's geocartography and Street Poll in Rechovot results showed a decisive Landslide Victory to the Likud.

Likud - 39
Kadima - 25
Labor - 13
Meretz - 11
Shas - 7
Lieberman - 7
Jewish Home - 4
Aguda - 3
Green party - 2

Tzipi! We can not Believe in

Bibi’s Back: Netanyahu and Likud in the Lead

(globalcomment).The one thing we really know about Barack Obama and his abilities is that the President-Elect is a great campaigner. The energy, the electrifying speeches, the limited missteps, and the ability to appeal to lefties and the center alike all appeared as strengths in Obama’s campaign and political character.

That said, as historic and capable a candidate as he was, Obama also benefited greatly from the malaise in the country that George W. Bush fostered. The political conditions made it much easier for any democrat to win, and while Obama did everything he needed to do to carry a strong and resonant victory, it’s not hard to argue that any of the top Democrat candidates would have done the same thing. The play is sometimes bigger than the actors in it.

So is the case in Israel, where Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and the Likud party lead the polls two months before the general elections for the Prime Minister and the Knesset. This remains the case despite the fact that Netanyahu is anything but a great campaigner. Even beyond the political differences, Netanyahu is something of an anti-Obama. And yet Israel plunges on towards the inevitable; a return of Bibi to the prime minister’s seat.

As is the norm in Israel, Netanyahu recovered. Biding his time in the opposition and becoming the Finance Minister, he burnished a reputation as a strong economic leader while also surviving until Israelis forgot about that little scandal thing. Let controversy over the pull-out in the Gaza Strip drive the country a little right, let Olmert’s scandals discredit the center, let the Second Lebanon War go mismanaged, and all of a sudden, Netanyahu in the opposition looks pretty good.

Once Tzipi Livni failed to put a post-Olmert coalition together this October, Netanyahu made moves to confirm his rehabilitation. Initial polls showed about an even split between Likud and Kadima (Livni’s centrist party) in October.

In response, Netanyahu recruited a stream of “all-star” politicians from outside the party to bolster his roster. Dan Meridor, a former justice minister who leans center, and Benny Begin, son of former Prime Minister Menachem Begin and a zealous right winger, were two of the most prominent additions to the lineup, promoted as a “supermarket”, with a little something for everybody.

The primary itself was something of a disaster. Computer problems, which had already plagued Labor in their primary, hit Likud, leading the primaries to stay open until 1 am. Feiglin took the #20 spot on the list (34-36 seats are forecast for Likud in the election), and a few of his supporters trailed near behind him. Meanwhile, some of Netanyahu’s top picks did especially poorly: Meridor, for example, only took #17.

Providing a supermarket list is risky enough, with it easy to appear like pandering. Netanyahu’s response to the Feiglin snafu showed his concern for holding onto the center, however: through a Likud party court ruling, Netanyahu busted Feiglin down to 36 on the list, a marginal spot that might not make the Knesset. No justification was given for the move. “Likud democracy,” as a long-time Israeli citizen explained it to me.

Netanyahu can’t really brand his policies solidly either. Knowing the reputation Kadima and other rivals want to perpetuate of him as a no-peace, no-negotiating stick in the mud in the new Obama world, Netanyahu has promised to continue negotiations with the Palestinians and especially with Syria.

Nobody, least of all Netanyahu, anticipates these negotiations will lead anywhere, but Bibi does feel the need to promise them. In a similar way, he has supported a pension safety net plan for Israelis threatened by the economic crisis, a policy lambasted by many on the left as supporting the better off citizens and irresponsible governing.

Yet, no matter what slips Netanyahu makes or what dirt other parties throw at him, nothing sticks. In the aftermath of the primary, Likud’s poll numbers went up by one Knesset seat, and they are expected to win 7-8 more seats than the next closest party, Kadima.

It could be the economic crisis, which hasn’t affected Israel greatly but looms, playing to Bibi’s strength. It could be that Kadima hasn’t put any strong alternative plan together. It could be a response to Olmert’s funny business, or to Hamas’s belligerence, or to the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Whatever it is, the election continues to approach an inescapable conclusion. The situation dictates Bibi’s return. No matter how hard he tries to screw it up.

The Election begins with Likud rejuvenating itself and lighting a flame

The Kadima primary that ended early yesterday morning was pushed to the tail end of all of yesterday's news broadcasts ¬ after Gaza, after Tuesday's fatal bus crash, after the gruesome decapitation in Petah Tikva earlier this week, and after a few other things. With the poll now behind us, we can make a few conclusions ¬ that only the Likud succeeded in raising interest, in rejuvenating itself and lighting a flame, even if since the primary its list has changed several times a day and its legal department been occupied around the clock. Still, Benjamin Netanyahu returned Benny Begin, Dan Meridor and Moshe Ya'alon to the fold and pushed Moshe Feiglin to the back. Primary voters launched a generational revolution, sending three candidates around the age of 40 to the top of the list - Gideon Sa'ar, Gilad Erdan and Moshe Kahlon.
For its part, Labor put together a respectable list, pushing young candidates to the top as well - Isaac Herzog and Shelly Yachimovich come to mind. But its roster adds little zest to the bland campaign run thus far by party chair Ehud Barak. The ministers of Kadima (apart from Haim Ramon, who was too lazy to wage a campaign) acquitted themselves well, and a number of women were added, too. Still, it is an uninspired, stale and even somewhat aging slate, a kind of Likud B-side - indeed, many of its members are former Likudniks who jumped ship. The inspiring new faces can be counted off easily - Nahman Shai and Ze'ev Bielski are two - and Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik is one of the few reminders of Labor's contribution to the "big bang" that was Kadima's 2005 birth. Ramon is another such example, but it is doubtful his political career has a long future. It is no wonder the Kadima primary did not raise great interest, despite it being a ruling party which will likely remain as such even after the general election. Most of the conflicts were internal, like the rivalry between Tzipi Livni and Shaul Mofaz. Who after today will remember party rankings except for those who actually ran? No one. The roster is of almost non-existent significance to the real race: that between Netanyahu, Livni and Barak. That race, in effect, begins only today

Barak: There is no chance that Kadima will bring Change

(Haaretz-Barak interview)."In recent years Israel has paid a steep price for the lack of experienced leadership. Livni is all right as a person, but she does not purport to say that she is ready today to lead in a serious security crisis or political clash with the international community, or with a complex economic policy. Instead, she says: 'I will introduce a different politics, I will bring change.' "That statement needs to be attacked simply, directly and between the eyes: Kadima and 'a different politics' is an oxymoron. Politics and change can't work. There is no chance that Kadima will bring change. It did not even bring about the change that led to its different leadership. I was the one who had to 'bake' that change, put it in the oven and make sure it didn't fall apart ... On its own, Kadima would not have been capable of changing itself. Certainly it will not be able to change the country. It lacks all ability to introduce new norms or a different politics. "The word is that Tzipi Livni is unsullied. But our electoral system is not personal. We do not elect an individual. And even about that individual, one can say: Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Livni says she can introduce a different politics, but she is surrounded by [people involved in] cases being heard in the courts and under investigation. Some of them were even convicted. So how can she talk seriously about clean politics when the contradiction between that assertion and her party is so clear? Just scratch the surface, like in those lottery cards, and you see the truth.
"On the Economy crisis, Kadima showed in the past few months how not to manage a country in the face of a crisis. It behaved with total confusion and in effect did nothing. When we said the crisis was imminent, they did not listen to us. When we said it was vital to convene the treasury, the governor of the Bank of Israel, the employers and the Histadrut [labor federation] to formulate a joint policy, they did nothing. As in other areas, the Kadima leaders did not see reality in front of their noses and waited until they slammed into the wall."