Friday, April 15, 2011

Netanyahu : I will be ready to make concessions, if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish State

( -translated from Hebrew). In  an exclusive Interview to - the Likud party base and supporters website Netanyahu says he is proud of the government's achievement over the past two years, and promises his willingness to make painful concessions if the Palestinians recognize israel as the home of the Jewish people and agree to a demilitarized Palestinian state, to assure a secure and viable peace.

On Midterm:
I hate to disappoint those who predicted two years ago that the coalition will not survive the first year and then the second year. The state of the coalition is constant stable, The government under my leadership, can take pride in doing great in all areas. I can reassure the citizens of Israel, the elections will be held as scheduled (Nov. 2013), God willing, we will continue, and nothing is going to prevent us from continuing to lead this country, maintain its security and economy while constantly striving for peace with our neighbors in a final solution".

"The Government can boast its achievements in many fields, ranging from education, welfare, communications, transport, etc. Thanks to the restrained and responsible economic policy including the transfer of two biennial budget we were able to position Israel as an island of stability in a financial storm that continues to haunt the Western world. Only last year we added approximately -110,000 new jobs to the economy".
Political and Diplomatic vision:
"My political vision is clear and i presented it many times before the citizens of Israel and to the heads of state in my meetings with them. The State of Israel must preserve its security interests and this is something I will not agree to compromise on. Any political agreement signed for approval must bring the maximum security arrangements out of concern for the security of Israeli citizens and the security of our country's borders".

"However, if the Palestinians will do what required of them, namely the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and would agree to a demilitarized Palestinian state, we will also make concessions on our part to achieve a peace agreement. but in no case will we take unilateral steps in conceding land because this is not the solution . We saw how Hezbollah strengthened itself in Lebanon after the withdrawal, we experienced the creation of Hamastan in Gaza after the disengagement, we will not give Hamas control of Judea and Samaria, as well as bring Iran on our borders".
"We must not ignore the Iranian threat, not only for Israel but for the entire free world peace, and I think the Western World countries already recognize the danger and know sanctions alone will not remove this threat."
Mideast turmoil:
"The dramatic changes that we are currently experiencing raises hopes and fears. We all hope that the democratic revolution., The same forces that led to the uprisings, Google and Facebook will create a generation of democracy and free in these countries. On the other hand, there is concern, That we see an Iranian takeover of many countries. I remember in Lebanon five years ago - over a million Lebanese took to the streets calling to arrange a new, secular reform and democratization, and the result is that today the country is controlled by Iran. We do not want to see other countries return to the Middle Ages, the period in which it oppressed women and trampled human rights".

"Therefore, the Middle East range is between two extremes - On the one hand a real democratic change, on the other militant Islamism deterioration that eliminates all human freedoms. I certainly hope the first scenario is the one that will prevail and I'm sure most of the democratic world thinks like me. "