Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Netanyahu doubtful that Peace talks will resume

Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Monday that he has not yet decided when to deliver the major policy speech presenting a new Israeli diplomatic initiative, or what to say in it.

Speaking in Jerusalem at a biannual luncheon with the ambassadors from EU countries posted in Israel, the prime minister – when asked about the speech and its content – said:
“I have not decided what and when. But two questions needed to be answered: First, can we get back to direct negotiations with the Palestinians, and I am doubtful. And second, what can you do if there are no negotiations?”

“My speech would be easier if you can convince them to negotiate..The EU countries must give the PA a clear message that it was time to return to negotiations".
Netanyahu said that while some people believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was the key to stability in the region, “it is not true.”
"It was important to solve the conflict, to prevent the emergence of a binational state”.