Friday, April 22, 2011

Guest Blog by Russel Gallo/ Know the Evil that exists in order to Defeat it

I am often forwarded links to videos that illustrate the evils of radical Islam. Usually I watch them and go through several hours (in some cases days) of inner rage.

President George Bush recognized that both good and evil exist in the world. He vowed to fight against terrorism and toppled two brutal regimes while putting others on notice (remember the axis of evil speech?).

Today's Democratic Party lead by Barack Obama is soft on evil. So soft, that they refuse to acknowledge its very existence. Women and supposed feminists like Whoopi Goldberg should be ashamed for supporting such sentiments and turning a blind eye to their sisters around the world that are being brutally murdered, beaten, raped, and disfigured for "crimes" that in often cases are not crimes at all.

It is difficult to express in words how angry videos like the one below make me. I have always been a man of action. In the coming months I will be doing my part to someday hopefully put an end to all this unnecessary suffering.

The video below is graphic. I know that many of my friends will not want to see it, To them I say, you must know the evil that exists around the world in order to defeat it.

For those of you that are content with eating your Big Macs and watching the Knicks game then do not watch it. For those of you that want to find out what the shadows on the wall of the cave really are then click and watch. Some of you will be surprised.

Russell Gallo has been serving this nation for over 14 years, Russell has served in the Army (where he was an MP in Iraq in 2004-2005) and current holds the rank of Sergeant First Class in the National Guard, where he remains on active duty. When not serving our country with honor and distinction, Russell is a Sergeant for the MTA Bridges & Tunnels.

Russell has both academic and real-world political experience. He earned a B.A. in Government from John Jay College, and an M.A. in Political Science From Brooklyn College. Russell ran in 2005 for City Council and in 2008 for State Assembly. Since 2005, he has been elected the Male District Leader for the 47th Assembly District. Russell is also currently co-host of "Brooklyn GOP Radio", an innovative internet radio show, and the President of the newly launched Brooklyn Young Republican club (