Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TIP poll: A Majority of Americans are opposed to unilaterally declared Palestinian State

(TheIsraelproject). 51 percent of U.S. voters oppose the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state without a signed peace treaty with Israel, a new TIP poll finds. And, 54 percent believe that without a peace treaty, the United States should not recognize a Palestinian state.

Supporting these opinions, 61 percent of voters say that Israel is making an effort for peace, while 53 percent believe the Palestinians are making “not much” or “no” effort.

Additionally, as political turmoil roils the Arab world, 58 percent of American voters say the United States should support Israel – a jump of seven percentage points since January. This represents a three-point rise since February to the highest level of support for this position since October, 2009. The survey also found an increase in positive feelings toward Israel – and negative feelings toward the Palestinians.

Neil Newhouse, Republican partner of TIP’s bipartisan polling team, said: “There is a clear perception that the Palestinians are not stepping up to the plate on working toward a real peace agreement.”

“Instability in the region and recent events in Israel are causing an increase of support for Israel among the American electorate,” said Stanley Greenberg, Democratic partner of TIP’s bipartisan polling team.

More findings:

* Bi Partisan consensus- 70% of Republicans & 47% of Democrats say US should not recognize a unilaterally Palestinian state.

* Consensus across party lines (increase among Dems) 72% Republicans & 53% Democrats say the US should be a strong supporter of Israel.

* 76% of Republicans, 43% democrats consider themselves to be A strong supporter of Israel.

* 51% view Israel very (warm attitude) favorably, only 16% say the same on the Palestinians .