Thursday, April 14, 2011

Netanyahu on Passover: We are One people, free and Strong, There is no existence without freedom…

The prime minister posted a Passover greeting on his YouTube channel, wishing "a happy holiday and kosher Passover to all."

"Passover Is the most unique Jewish holiday to me, and I am sure to you, too. It dates back thousands of years and asserts one fundamental thing: There is no existence without freedom… Only after the Israelites freed themselves from Pharaoh, arrived in Israel and established themselves as a free, sovereign nation, was the existence of the Jewish people secure.

"We have essentially learned this lesson throughout our years in exile. We were not free… we were, at times, subject to the murderous caprices of other nations and they sought to destroy us… Only when we managed to return to the Promised Land, were we able to once again secure our future."

"Israel's future, is secure not because no one seeks to destroy us… but because we have the unique national power of a nation that is sovereign and free to defend itself. Being free – that is what Passover is all about."