Friday, December 21, 2012

Likud Beitenu To 'Flood Country' with Billboards and Ads Next Week

After being criticized by party opersatives for sleeping, while the opposing parties have already launched thier cmapaigns for over a month ago, the Ruling party -Likud Beitenu will officially kick off on Tuesday, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be joined on stage at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center by Avigdor Lieberman and 50 other candidates who comprise the joint Knesset slate formed by the two parties
Netanyahu and Lieberman haven't been downplaying the election campaign as per se the frustration some have expressed, Likud campaign officials told Israel Hayom. Instead, while the other parties have already wasted large sums of money on highway billboards and Internet ads, the Likud, who has the most resources and funding, will begin flooding the country with ads and signs starting the coming week. 

Their intention is to put the money at disposal to use in the most effective, efficient manner possible, campaign officials said.