Wednesday, December 26, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Satmar's Heretic Campaign Against Participating in Israel's Election

"The [Satmar] Rebbe viewed the Zionist movement and subsequent state as a heretic enterprise," Orthodox Pundit, a known Orthodox Blogger from the Satmar community, told BibiFeed in an exclusive view of Satmar's Knesset Election ban. By joining the parliament and participating in elections, one recognizes and partners in such an enterprise, violating the first of the 10 commandments, according to the late Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum in the V'Yoel Moshe
This explains where Satmar, the Eda HaHaredit and it's affiliates, differ from the rest of the Ultra-Orthodox communities, who do in fact participate in the elections and send their representatives to serve as members of the Knesset.
 Our report last night of Satmar's $500K fundraiser, said Orthodox Pundit, takes place in every election cycle, which includes a vigorous explaining campaign effort "in order to prevent Jews from doing such a grave sin," in their view.
The grave position of United Torah Judaism (Agudath Israel and Degel HaTorah), who remain so powerless from election to election, ultimately reducing the strength and leverage of a fast growing community lacking appropriate representation on a national level, may well be attributed to the anti-Zionist campaign, Orthodox Pundit shed some light on the ongoing amusement. "This [Satmar PR campaign] maybe a contributing factor of the Agudah's virtually non-growth - winning about the same 5 Knesset seats in each cycle - despite the exploding Haredi birth-rate," he said.
Noting that the Rebbe of Williamsburg's landmark public visit to Israel, hasn't taken place for 19 years by a Satmar Rebbe (although Reb Aaron from Kiryas Joel has visited Israel on numerous occasions, it was kept low-profile and lacked an official Kabulas Punim (welcome ceremony) by the Edah HaHaredit, as last organized for the late Satmar Rabbi, Reb Moshe Teitelbaun in 1994) to the occasion of the wedding of his first grand-son, Orthodox Pundit dismissed the claim that the money raised are in any term bribery for boycotting the elections, since it is customary by Satmar Rebbes in this position, raising huge sums to support the Mosdos in Israel - Satmar or not - who refuse government subsidies. 
"This trip was planned before the elections were scheduled. As it happens, both will take place in the same week, so this is also seen as great opportunity by the Rebbe to inform Jews about the issurim (biblical prohibition) that one may violate by participating in the elections. Naturally, the Rebbe and his followers are determined to cease this opportunity, " he explained.
Here is something, Likud and Shas would agree on, at least to gain Orthodox votes from those who do believe in the Mitzvah and importance to recognize the government and fight within for the benefit of the Orthodox community.
"Even  if it would be led by religious Jews, the Rebbe ruled that it's heresy to establish a Jewish sovereignty by natural means, which is going against fundamental Jewish belief that we were exiled 'Mipnei Chatueini' (our sins) and we will be redeemed by divine means with the coming of Messiah, he further asserted, adding that "a vote for Agudah is as heretic as one for the Far-left."