Sunday, December 23, 2012

FACT: Netanyahu did NOT Vote in Favor of the Disengagement - Which Included Settlement Evacuation

The media and Political junkies were quick to react to Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement on Friday's interview on Channel 1, in which he told Ayala Hasson that he did not vote in favor of the disengagement plan from Gaza, when in fact he did.

As proof, a video is circulating from the vote on the disengagement plan on October 2004, which show Netanyahu voting in favor on the bill. 

However to Netanyahu's credit, the vote on October 24th 2004, in which the 'revised disengagement plan 1996' was approved by the Knesset, did not include the approval of evacuating settlements. The bill also included the following: "The State of Israel will continue to maintain a military presence along the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt (Philadelphi Route)."

"It is clarified that, following the completion of the aforementioned preparations, the Government will convene periodically in order to decide separately on the question of whether or not to relocate" the original bill read. 

Watch the following Video that proves how much Netanyahu was opposed to the disengagement plan: