Monday, December 24, 2012

Erdan to Yechimovich: Decide Who Represents Left-Wing Bloc and We'll Talk Dugri!

Gilad Erdan, who serves as Likud Beitenu's Public Response Team Director, responded to Shelly Yechimovich's Facebook call to PM Netanyahu , to debate her on TV face to face, with a Facebook message:

"Hi Shelly, it's Gilad,
You want a debate? I'm glad that you have remembered that this is part of the game, since i would like to remind you (you most probably forgot) that you refused to participates in various debates when you ran for Chairmanship of Labor Party. So Here is a light reminder of what your Number 2, Buzi Herzog had to say abut you:

Anyhow, what debate would you like to have? The left vs. the Center-Right? OK, but against whom? Livni? Galon? Lapid? You? Mofaz? When you end the clashes between yourselves over who represents the left-Wing bloc, update your Facebook status and we'll talk dugri."