Friday, December 28, 2012

Panels Poll: Likud's Voter Base Has Expanded Since 2009

Only 11% of Likud Beitenu voters are open to vote for the Bayit Yehudi since last week's debacle, according to a Panels poll conducted for the weekend Hebrew newspaper Sof Hashavua. Among the general public, 15% said they were more likely to vote for the Bayit Yehudi, and 11% said they were less likely to vote.

An analysis of Likud Beitenu’s voters by Panels pollster Menahem Lazar found that out of the joint list’s 34 projected seats in the latest Panels poll, only five of them came from people who had voted Yisrael Beytenu in the 2009 election. Yisrael Beytenu’s other 10 seats have been lost since the merger with Likud, with 27% of its 2009 voters supporting Bayit Yehudi, while 22% remain undecided.

Given that analysis, the Likud has only expanded it's voters base among the Israeli public since 2009, despite the fact that 25% of voters who voted Likud in 2009 have shifted their support for the Bayit Yehudi.