Friday, December 21, 2012

Free from Diplomatic Manners, Lieberman Goes on Attack on MSM

free from dealing with foreign diplomats, Yisrael Beytenu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman went on the attack against the Israeli media on Thursday, saying he was unfairly treated in the wake of recent developments in the corruption case against him. :In Israel, the most basic rule is that you must not succeed; if you succeed, it means you are guilty," Lieberman told participants at the Israel Association of Entrepreneurs conference in Tel Aviv. "My message, which can apply for any trade — including politics and entrepreneurship — that if you want to succeed, have no fear, "he added.

Lieberman named Yedioth Ahronoth veteran correspondent, Nahum Barnea a 'serial liar' for stuff he wrote on Lieberman in the newspaper.

"A respected journalist, who is an indefatigable liar, Nahum Barnea, said in an article two days ago that Danny Ayalon got the boot as deputy foreign minister, and then when the police said they would summon the Foreign Ministry Staffing Committee employees for questioning he was reinstated," Lieberman said. "Barnea wrote this to imply that if Ayalon was fired and then re-appointed his testimony would be distorted in my favor," he continued, stating that "Ayalon was not fired, he is simply not part of our Knesset candidate list [for the upcoming elections]."

"I would be very happy if Barnea sues me for defamation and for destroying his good name because then the courts, not just myself, would call him the biggest liar in the Israeli press,"  Lieberman concluded.