Saturday, December 22, 2012

Its Official: Bennett vs. Likud Beitenu

Following a wave of criticism from the Likud and the Prime Minister over comments he made on Thursday night, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett accused the Likud of "pouncing on my words, twisting them and making it look like I called for people to refuse orders just for a quarter of a seat in the next Knesset." 

 In a press conference Saturday night to clarify his statement, Bennett said of the Likud: "They harmed the unity of the IDF. Thousands of young people could think that I called to refuse orders and take a mistaken example from me. I did not call to refuse orders. I have been serving in the IDF for 22 years as a fighter and a commander, and I never called to refuse orders - every intelligent [television] viewer understood that," he stated.

Bennett concluded his speech by saying that the fact that the Likud is exploiting the issue of disobedience proves the fact the the Prime Minister is planning a second disengagement and  evacuate more settlers.

"Mr. Prime Minister - yes or no? Do you plan to uproot Jews from their homes gain?" he asked. "[The Bayit Yehudi] will be a big, significant party that will prevent a situation in which IDF soldiers will face such inhumane dilemmas again."