Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mofaz Goes for the Sympathy Vote in First Kadima Campaign Video: "Why Me?"

Kadima released its first campaign video on Sunday, painting party leader Shaul Mofaz as a tragic figure who is being punished for practicing clean politics, Lahav Harkov reports

“Why shouldn’t good people go into politics? Politics is sh*t,” explained narrator Uri Gavriel, an actor who appeared in the latest Batman movie and is best known in Israel for portraying “Yigal the Nazi” in mafia serial Haborer.

“No area is as ungrateful and dirty as politics,With politics, if you make one mistake, all the credit you earned your whole life is erased.”
“Who are you to criticize Mofaz? The man gave 36 years of his life to the country, went into politics, the most crooked area out there, in order to bring some values to this broken country,” he added. “What are you criticizing him for? That he doesn’t know how to play dirty and come out clean?” 

The Kadima clip criticizes other Center-Left parties and leaders, like Shelly Yacimovich of Labor and Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid as “ready to ‘Meet the Press’ but not to meet reality."

A photo of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appears on the screen, while Gavriel says “It’s sad that in order to reach a position of power in this country, you need to be good-looking and talk nicely.”

The actor concludes that he is going to do “the least trendy thing,” and vote for the “straightest” candidate, Mofaz and Kadima.

Source: Kadima campaign; Credit: Lahav Harkov