Monday, December 31, 2012

Livni Introduces Campaign of Hope and Opposition

Amid rumors of quitting right after the elections, Hatnu'a Chairwoman Tzipi Livni presented her campaign, in an attempt to replace Netanyahu.
“There are a number of possibilities after the election,” she told reporters at a news conference introducing her party’s campaign, “and the first is replacing the driver. This is our goal.” 

After the election, she continued, “it is possible that if Netanyahu stays in the driver’s seat, we would work to alter the course, influence the wheel, hit the brakes and direct the vehicle to a better place, from within the government. A second possibility, if we see it’s unrealistic [to join the government], would be to stay in the opposition,” she said. “The issue is not personal, but the policy of that government.”

“I take into account that this struggle may have to be conducted from the ranks of the opposition, and my colleagues and I will be there to do so,” she declared.

At Sunday’s news conference, Hatnu'a introduced its slogan: “Hope will overcome fear,” stressing that the key word in the campaign will be “hope.”