Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bayit Yehudi leader: I Would Refuse IDF Order to Evacuate Settlements

In a tense or rather awkward interview on Channel 2's Mishal Cham program, Bayit Yehudi leader who is cashing out momentum in the polls, said that if he ever receives an order to evict Jews, he would ask his commander to release him from his position, even serving time in jail over this issue.

"If I receive an order to evict a Jew from his home, my conscience will not allow it," said Bennett. "I would ask my commander to release me. Sorry, I cannot enter a Jew's home and evict him." 

"Expelling people from this land is a terrible thing. I will work with all my soul and all my might not to let this happen," he added.

Likud Minister Moshe Ya'alon was first to respond in a tweet this evening: "I am appalled by Bennett's comments, which endanger the IDF and Israeli democracy."

Bennett later clarified in a Facebook status that his remarks were in no way advocating for soldiers to refuse their commanders' orders.

"As one who led fighters in operations and in battle, I oppose refusing orders with all my soul and heart," he wrote. "I fulfilled all the orders in my 22 years in the army and will continue to do so. Personally I simply cannot evict a family from its home and would ask my commanders to release me from that. I pray and will work with all my might to ensure that the Israeli government will never evict families from their homes in this country. "