Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yechimovich Presents Security-Diplomatic Platform Based on the Clinton Parameters

Labor finally presented its security-diplomatic platform on Sunday, though party leader Shelly Yacimovich said socio-economic issues are her priority.

The central points of Labor's security-diplomatic platform, according to Lahav Harkov from the Jerusalem Post, include an immediate return to peace talks without preconditions, strengthening relations with the Western world and rehabilitating and initiating new connections with moderate Muslim countries.

"Dialog only has advantages, especially when it comes to international legitimization," Yechimovich said.

Labor prefers an agreement according to the "Clinton outline," and would be willing to begin talks without preconditions.

Yechimovich explained that the party would preserve settlement blocs, and, while there would be no preconditions for negotiations, some basic commitments would be necessary to reach an agreement, such as ending armed conflict.

"Working toward peace and recognizing a two-state solution has nothing to do with hatred for settlers, especially since they were sent their by governments, including Labor governments," she stated.

As for Jerusalem, Yechimovich emphasized that Jewish neighborhoods would remain a part of Israel, and accused Netanyahu undermining areas that are in consensus, or "in the Clinton outline," by announcing construction before elections, as though they were a punishment to the Palestinian Authority.