Saturday, December 1, 2012

Agitated Lapid Insulted by Definition of Yesh Atid Party, Insults Channel 1's Senior Political Commentator

A Pretty agitated Yair Lapid got sort of insulted by Hanan Kristal, senior analyst at Channel 1, who suggested that Lapid's and Livni's new parties - were to be viewed as 'torch lists' not as parties, due to the fact that they have yet to contain a base of voters.

Lapid got insulted and fired back at the veteran political commentator of Channel 1: "It's OK, that in your eyes we are not a party, because in my eyes you are not an analyst." In which Kristal fired back: You didn't even acquire a B.A. in political science, this is the story." 

Kristal referred to a report that Yair Lapid did not have a (high school matriculation) certificate, nor did he complete B.A. studies prior to his acceptance into Bar Ilan University's doctoral program for hermeneutics.