Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oleg Petrushka is an Israeli Named Yigal Farkash, What's Behind the Campaign?

I asked you last night out of curiosity, who is this Oleg Petrushka, who's videos promoting himself as a Russian oligarch running for Premiership in order to clean house, has gone viral in less than 24 hours.

Well, According to the Website 'Mizbala' (the equivalent of Buzzfeed in the U.S.), the mysterious Russian oligarch is non other than an Israeli named Yigal Farkash.

So you really thought that someone has finally stood up to the plate to serve as a serious contender in Israel's  election?  Why so serious? Olga Petrushka, is apparently an Israeli named Yigal Farkash, Mizbala found. Farkash's Facebook wall (Yigal Farkash) of last month is full of political statuses.

According to Mizbala's Google real-time count, since the launch of the campaign Sunday night, 350 online users have been seen searching information or reading about 'Petrushka' per second, which sums it up to a total of just over 40,000. Earlier rumors that this is part of a teaser campaign promoted by  MAKO has been denied.

What remains unanswered is who is behind this brilliant campaign prank, and what are his motives. Follow up for more details as it comes clearer.