Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yesh Atid Knesset candidate: "Barack Obama Was up to the Age of 30, Mostly Stoned."

One of Yair Lapid's candidates for the Yesh Atid slot (#6), dropped a political bomb that might explode over the head of the party, by comparing Yair Lapid's lack of experience to the one of Barack Obama before he became President of the United States.

In a town hall meeting with students last week, Ofer Shelach was asked about the chairman of his party - Yair Lapid's lacks of experience in politics, and why he refused to serve as the number two in one of the existing parties, or at least give way to a candidate that is more experienced, . Shelach chose to compare the lack of experience of his party's chair to that of the President of the United States, Ma'ariv reports this morning.

"Barack Obama was up to the age of 30, mostly stoned," he said. He further argued that the American public were not particularly looking for a candidate with experience but for change: "Americans were willing to put their faith in words such as 'change' and 'hope'," he explained.