Sunday, December 9, 2012

PM: Test of Leadership is Withstanding International Pressure

"The test of leadership is not in how to concede on vital interests in order to win the applause of the international community. The test of leadership is in how not to concede on vital interests and in withstanding international pressure," Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu told participants at a ceremony lighting the second candle of Hanukkah, Sunday evening, at Ariel Sharon Park, east of Tel Aviv. 

"On Chanukah, we mark the victory of the heritage of Israel over our enemies, the victory of the few against the many. Then, we stood against the greatest forces in the ancient world, which wanted us to deny our heritage – and we defeated them. Today as well, we stand on our truth, on our heritage, and on our rights in the Land of our Patriarchs against those who want to wipe us off our land. They did not succeed then; they will not succeed now. Against these forces we must stand steadfast in order to uphold the vital interests of the State of Israel," Netanyahu said.