Saturday, December 1, 2012

Orthodox Paper: 'Ashamed' of Haredim Participating in Likud Primaries

Aaron Granot, political reporter for the Ultra-Orthodox Mishpacha Magazine was 'ashamed' to find Haredim at the Likud HQ in Tel Aviv last Monday, participating in the democratic Likud list primaries or volunteering for the orthodox candidate, something that is viewed as common as any individual across the world.

"It was heartbreaking enough to look around and notice tens or even hundreds of Haredim, who described themselves as Likud activists or candidates," Granot wrote in the weekly Mishpacha magazine. "No wonder the Orthodox-religious parties lose votes and fail to increase their power, translates into more Knesset seats. These Ultra-Orthodox Likud activists are the swing votes whom the Religious parties rely on, and they are THE reason for the failure of these parties to gain steam, and therefore remain around the same threshold of seats on Election Day," he continues.

The Popular Ultra-Orthodox news site - 'Kikar Shabbat' even had a camera following them voting at the ballot booth. "Most of them did not agree to be interviewed for the camera and explain what they are doing voting in secular party, but in private conversations we had with them, they all said the same statement: "We are disappointed in our representatives in the Knesset, in Likud we feel at home". 
One Haredi activist who agreed to speak to Kikar Shabbat said: "There is no doubt that tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox voters don't vote for the religious parties in the Knesset elections. Let the UTJ representatives think twice before they speak out against 'the new ultra-Orthodox'."

In conclusion, Granot writes in Mishpacha: "Have you noticed that the Prime Minister didn't mention to guard Torah values in his speech?" I asked a young Haredi dressed with the Hasidic traditional garments.