Monday, December 10, 2012

Netanyahu Plans to Implement the 'Norwegian Law' to Make Place for New Moderated Faces


Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman are already thinking of the day after, planning the formation of the coalition government.  According to Nadav Peri, Channel 10's political correspondent, Netanyahu wants to implement the once dubbed "Norwegian law", in which appointed cabinet Ministers resign from their seats in the Knesset and give way to members placed lower on the party list. The law has been foretold many times before but was never implemented. 

The idea behind the move is to motivate field operatives, who are places lower in the list, a kind of incentive to work hard and maybe win a seat in the Knesset. What's guiding Netanyahu and Lieberman, according to Nadav Peri, is also the idea of moderating the current Hawkish right-wing image of the joint list. The representatives placed in the 40's and 50's who would replace the seats evacuated by the appointed cabinet ministers, are generally more surfactants and less idealistic as the higher places in the list.