Monday, December 10, 2012

Kadima MK's Placed Low in Livni's New List: "She Used Us and Threw Us to the Dogs."

It's not only the polls that are causing a headache to Tzipi Livni these days, a large part of  Kadima members who have defected and joined Livni's party "Hatnu'a",  are now disgruntled about their placement on the Knesset list, and some are even considering to quit, Ma'ariv has learned.
Most of the criticism come from Knesset members who were placed in unrealistic spot, according to the latest public opinion polls. According to some aides close to MK's Robert Tiviaev, Rachel Adatto, Majallie Whbee, they are very disappointed, and have apparently used some harsh language to express their anger at Livni.

"She just used us to get state funds, and then threw us to the dogs," said one of them to his assocciates.

The most surprising criticsm came from MK Shlomo Mula, who was placed in the 8th place, after threating to open his mouth on Livni, when he became aware of the plan to place him only in the 12th place on the Party slot.  "He also has a full stomach on livni, after a bitter experience he's went through over the past few days," party officials claimed.