Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Brilliant Likud 2006 Ad: Living in A Bubble, Kadima Will Disappear One Day."

Kadima’s veteran MKs Dalia Itzik, Ronnie Bar-On and Ya’akov Edri left political life on Wednesday, shortly before the party released its list of candidates for the next Knesset. On Monday the Knesset Committee approved the 7 Kadima MK's split from the party to join former Chairwomen Tzipi livni, and not too long ago, Avi Dichter and Tzahi Hanegbi joined Likud, followed by 3 MKs who ran unsuccessful bids in the Likud primaries last week. 

Here is Likud's ad from 2006 predicting the fall of Kadima, and the evaporation of the bubble. All polls conducted recently indicate Kadimy Party would fail to reach the threshold needed to enter the Knesset on Jan. 22.