Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Netanyahu: Root of the Conflict is Not the Settlements

Speaking at the National Public Diplomacy Forum in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday dismissed heavy criticism of Israel’s housing construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, saying the root of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “is not the settlements, it is the very existence of the State of Israel and the desire to wipe it off the face of the Earth.”

"From 1967 until today, for 45 years, day in, day out, and hour by hour, they have been preaching the complete opposite. So certainly the lie has taken root, and there is no way to fight a lie except with the truth. We must tell the truth; it is the only thing that we can do and we must certainly do so."

"We must constantly repeat that the root of the conflict is the very existence of the State of Israel, the refusal to recognize the State of Israel in any borders whatsoever," Netanyahu added.

“The second thing is their methods, mainly their desire to intentionally attack civilians.

“There is a link between the first and second points. Whoever uses such methods is beyond the pale internationally, morally and legally. He does not want peace.

"We can anticipate many developments and changes in this evolving Middle East that we face, and some of them are very, very disturbing."