Monday, December 10, 2012

Media Personal Willing to Bet that Tzipi Livni will be Netanyahu's Foreign Minister

"The 2013 elections have already been decided. Benjamin Netanyahu will be the next prime minister," writes Emanuel Rosen, a political analyst and media personality in an Op-Ed for Ynet. Rosen is also willing to bet that Tzipi Livni will serve as Netanyahu's foreign minister in the next government.

Rosen has already pulled out the carpet: "We are getting caught up in these bogus, exaggerated dramas in the divided left-center bloc and forget that on January 23 the newspaper headlines will read, "Third term for Netanyahu." Bibi will become the first prime minister in Israel's history to serve three terms."

Surprises can come and go, he writes, but "I predict Livni will eventually join Netanyahu as his foreign minister."

The political drama and the unpredictable, Rosen suggests will wait for the 2017 election campaign. "Will it be Lieberman? Or maybe Gideon Sa'ar? Or has Netanyahu already clinched a fourth term because no one has the courage to challenge him? ... Ehud Olmert will return...Gabi Ashkenazi will join after the cooling-off period ends, with a few million in his bank account... Maybe Tzipi Livni may also come aboard.. And what was supposed to happen in the 2013 elections will happen four years later – Olmert versus Bibi."