Sunday, December 16, 2012

Likud Activist Calls Appointment of Field Operation Directer 'Unprofessional and Conflicting'

מסאני ועד דדי 
Arik Ziv, a Likud operative, and the owner of The Likudnik website ( is known as a concrete criticizer within the Likud, has expressed great dissatisfaction in the appointment of Dedi Suissa as Likud's operations manager. 

In his weekly column, Ziv points out that Dedi Suissa as a recent member of Labor Party, was one of the organizers who launched the “Stop Israel from Self-Destructing” campaign - calling for Ehud Barak and Labor Party Ministers to quit Netanyahu's coalition in July of 2012.

“The reason there haven’t been direct peace talks is not because of Obama, but because the government speaks in so many messages,” said campaign director Dedi Suissa, who is a former Barak aide [July 2010].

Suissa was also appointed to head of Peretz's political team in 2007, and in the summer of 2011 he participated in the social justice protests against the government .  

"Is this a professional appointment?" Ziv questions. "To take an activist from the opposing party and tap him as Likud's fireld operations Director, sounds very discordant," he concludes.

'Likudnik' considers itself the “unofficial” website of the Likud and is read by party activists.