Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Labor Leader Gets Dragged into Diplomatic Conversation; Calls Lieberman Dangerous

Facing some tough opposition at home for ignoring the diplomatic and security front in favor of a socioeconomic agenda, Labor Leader Shelly Yechmovich came out full force panning Foriegn Minister Lieberman's speech at The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference Wednesday, in which he said Europe would sacrifice Israel to mollify Islamic radicals "without batting an eyelash," envoking a similiar statement by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, that Israel "will not be a second Czecholslovakia."

"Lieberman's behavior is corrupt, extremist, wild electioneering. Lieberman is a corrupt and dangerous man," Yechimovich stated at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

According to Yechimovich, Netanyahu and Lieberman are deliberately distracting the Israeli public from socioeconomic matters, a area she feels comfortable with. "Holocaust metaphors and stirring up emotions are not aimed at answering the real questions of our lives here," she added. "Lieberman's irresponsible words are meant to drag [the public] into an arena in which he and Netanyahu feel comfortable."

"I commit to not let Lieberman set the agenda for this election, and ask the public not to let him do so, either," she concluded.