Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aryeh Deri: Im Shas' "Chairman of the Board"

Former Shas chairman and current party deputy chair Aryeh Deri said Sunday that he is still running the party and referred to himself as its "chairman of the board."

"I'm used to being the No. 2 man and that's okay," Deri told Channel 1. "I've been away from politics for 12 years. I've already been a minister and a member of cabinet. I was there when Shas was created and all the people at the top were once my assistants.

"I'm the one running Shas today," he further stressed. "We have a joint leadership but every board has to have a chairman, and at least for now I'm the chairman of the board. Naturally, I have people I consult with, but I'm running Shas."