Monday, December 3, 2012

69% of First Voters Define Themselves as Right-Wing

49 percent of  first time voters define themselves as belonging to the right side of the political spectrum, 20 percent in the center-right. Only 5 percent describe their political identity as left and another 9 percent as left-Center, according to a survey conducted by Panels Politics

The poll found the right-wing bloc with a majority of 72 seats (60 percent of respondents) among First time voters,  with only 48 (40 percent) to the center-left. If elections were held today, Likud Beitenu would get the support of 32.5 percent of Young voters (equivalent to 39 seats), the Jewish Home/National Union led by Bennett with 12.5 percent (15 seats), and Tzipi Livni's new party with 3 seats.

סקר מנדטים מצביעים לראשונה 3.12
Netanyahu is also the preferred candidate for Prime Minister with 32% support, Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home, gets a remarkable 11 percent of support, considering he's is a relatively new name in the political landscape.