Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bennett Denies Quote In Favor of Rejecting US Aid

Naftali Bennett, who only yesterday expressed confidence in Israel's economy, saying Israel should in general give up US' military aid of $3B annually, now denies he's in favor of rejecting US aid.

Bennett suggested that what he said had been twisted in the headlines.hence, Bennett's actual quotes in the interview with the Jewish Press suggests otherwise.
I think, generally, we need to free ourselves from it. ..I don’t want to say ‘let’s just give it up,’ but our situation today is very different from what it was 20 and 30 years ago. Israel is much stronger, much wealthier, and we need to be independent.

“Contrary to what many think, some military threats have actually been reduced. Today’s Egyptian army has no offensive capability—it’s in dire straits. Syria is in no position to send forces into Israel. We can cut there.”
A spokesman for Bennett said on Wednesday night, according to the Jerusalem Post, that such a move could only be made if the threats facing Israel dropped substantially, and even then only over the course of several years.

“This is an idea for the long-term that is currently irrelevant,” Bennett’s spokesman said. “As a matter of principle, of course Israel’s dependence on foreign aid is an unhealthy situation for which we have to pay a diplomatic price. But on the other hand, with the threats currently facing us, there is no place for changing policies.”