Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jpost/Smith Poll: Likud Remains Steady; Livni and Bennett Losing Ground

With 5 days to go, Tzipi Livni is continuing to lose national support, according to a Smith Research poll conducted this week for The Jerusalem Post and Globes. Hatnu'a reached a new low of just seven seats - three less than the 10 it was predicted to receive at the beginning of the month.
Livni's free fall is most notable among voters under the age of 30, where she is attracting less than 3 percent support.

Another party struggling to regain voter enthusiasm is Bennett's Bayit Yehudi, which reached a high of 16 seats at the start of January but has since fallen to just 13 in the Post poll. Likud-Beitenu and Labor remained largely steady, with the former consolidating its 34 mandates and the latter falling one seat to 17.