Monday, January 14, 2013

The New Yorker Profiles Naftali Bennett with the 'Rabbity Smile'

All we know about Bennett is that he's rich, he's trendy, he was Bibi's chief of staff and that he's the leader of the most likely third largest party in the next Knesset. David Remnick from the New Yorker went farther to profile Naftali Bennett, the surprise of the current elections. 

The description of Bennett's home in Ra’anana is described by the New York Goy as follows: "Bennett’s house is large, modern, filled with sunlight. He and his wife have four children, ranging in age from six months to seven years. There were toys and strollers scattered everywhere, and open packages of Huggies. The place didn’t have the ascetic feel of a settler outpost: there was a Viking stove, a Nespresso machine, laptops, flat-screen TVs. This was the style of the bourgeois pioneer." 

Bennett, seems likes the American slangs and the expressions you normally won't hear from an Israeli politician, at least not in a on-the record interview. "It turned out we had an Indian and an Irish competitor and they kicked our ass...We had, like, three years in the company of shit,” he recalled his time in Manhattan in 2000, trying to promote a new software idea. “It was just survival. I went all over the country with my laptop.” 

The knitted Kippah is very noticeable on Bennett's head, but "for years, he did not wear a kippa," Reminck writes. "But after the Rabin assassination, in 1995 I put it back on," Bennett said. "The backlash of the Rabin assassination was a backlash against all the religious—blame them!—which I thought was very unfair. The religious were being kicked, so I did it to be a good example.” 

 “I’m pissing him off enormously,” a smiley Bennett (whom Remnick defines as a rabbity smile) said of his climb in the polls, skimming off votes from the Likud and Netanyahu. smiling. “But what matters is the day after..The best analogy is that Bibi is the bus driver with two hands on the wheel,” Bennett said. “I want to put a third hand on the wheel.”

Oh, and Bennett's favorite ice cream is pistachio! (just like me).