Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bennett: I Was in Terrorism Course with Sara Netanyahu

Naftali Bennett referred to his problematic relationship with the prime minister's wife Sara Netanyahu during a Channel 10 interview on Wednesday saying that "Sara and I took a terrorism class together."

When asked how he could work side-by-side with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, he responded: "It'll be OK; we really did serve in the same unit." "You and Sara?" he was asked, and jokingly replied: "Yes, exactly... Sara and I mostly went through a terrorism course together."

After a few seconds' confusion he elaborated, “There is nothing that 15 Knesset seats won’t cure. We should stop dwelling on gossip. Netanyahu and I will work very well together.” 

Later, talking with Army Radio host Razi Barkai, Bennett said he was kidding. He'd gone over the various training courses in the unit in his mind, he explained, and hit on one that wasn’t secret – the couter-terrorism course. "There are lots of courses. Some we can talk about and some we can’t," he said. “I have not one shred of anger in my heart against Netanyahu or his wife. We’ll be working together in four or five weeks. I hold Netanyahu and his family in the highest esteem.”(via Haaretz)