Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gimpel Likens Obama to Achashverosh - Calling him 'Obamaverosh'

In the same speech that erupted the political spectrum over the weekend, where Bayit Yehudi candidate, Jeremy Gimpel, spoke of blowing up the Dome of the Rock, Gimpel, who in a interview with BibiFeed expressed his willingness to serve as the head of the Knesset's Diaspora committee, also spoke of President's Obama's settlement freeze demand, likening him to Achasverosh  - with the foolish nick name of 'Obamaverosh'.

Citing from the book of Ezra, Gimpel compared Obama's call fro a settlement freeze to Achasversoh's will to stop the Jews building the temple:
 "Acheverosh calls for a building freeze in Jerusalem, its unbelievable, right? A building freeze.. it's Obamaverosh! .. Achashverosh says building freeze, and you know what the Jews are doing? thay are celebrating in the WH lawn. They are celebrating with Achasversoh as their brothers are trying to build Jerusalem."

"That's the historical context. That's what's happening, can u imagine the concept that Jews would be raising money for the Democratic party?"
Gimpel went on to describe the Jews refusal to accept a building freeze:
"The Jews  that were in Jerusalem were like peh.. i don't care what Obamaversoh said, I'm building the temple. And the political leadership said: No, you're not, I'm sending in soldiers, I'm gonna halt you with force and power."
Gimpel previously called Obama "an evil man" after the President refused to release Jonathan Pollard to participate at his father's funeral last year. Following Obama’s 2012 victory, Gimpel told Arutz 7: "More than 70 percent of them supported Obama. There’s a message here for the people of Israel in the land of Israel, that the Jews there are completely detached from the land of Israel,” he declared.