Monday, January 28, 2013

Yair Lapid: The Arab-Israeli Conflict is Irrelevant in Daily Life

In a joint interview with his parents Tommy and Shulamit to 'Der Spiegel'  in 2008, Yair Lapid added his two cents to the Arab-Israeli conflcit and the threats Israel faces:
"Israel is a long way from facing a threat to its very existence. We are too strong, both economically and militarily, for that. If anything threatens Israel, it is this form of paranoid thought that makes us think: "Oh God, they're going to kill us in two seconds! What should we do?"....
..."Eleven Israeli civilians were killed in terrorist attacks since the beginning of the year. More people die in car accidents in Israel on a single weekend. It seems more dangerous than it is. The Arab-Israeli conflict is the biggest problem, but small problems shape the daily lives of Israelis. Unless there happens to be a war going on, the Arab-Israeli conflict is irrelevant in daily life."