Monday, January 21, 2013

Satmar Rabbi in Jerusalem: The Zionists are the Real Amalekim

Tens of thousands Ultra-Orthodox following the anti-Zionist movements of Eda Hacharedit and Satmar gathered last night in Kikar Shabbat to protest or rather decry the idea of participating in Tuesday's Knesset elections, accompanied by the Grand Rebbe of Satmar, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum from Williamsburg. 

 The Rebbe, who arrived in Israel on Sunday afternoon, and was provided with the Zionist's police escort on his way to Jerusalem, addressed the massive crowd, stressing the 'Shita' of his great-uncle, the Divrei Yoel, against participating in the Israeli elections.

While blessing with admiration, quoting passages of psalms in length, those who are standing on guard, the Rebbe decried those who are attracted to the 'tumah' (impurity) and to the dirt - The Zionists, whom he called 'The Amalek". 

"How can a Jew that stood at Mount Sinai violate the oath he swore to obey? This is a big 'Chilul Hashem' (desecration of the name of God) what the Orthodox representatives are doing in the Parliament of Pharaoh (his description fro the Israeli Knesset). This is what brings hatred to all Jews across the world," the Rebbe said in Yiddish, according to excerpts released.

'The Zionists are
the “Sons of Amalek”.  Never was there a cult [like Zionism] who exerted so much damage to the Jewish people,' the Rebbe added. "The Zionists are the real Amalekim, and therefore every Jew must fight against them Milchemet chorma (a war of annihilation)."

The Rebbe also issued a issur (prohibition) to join national service or serve in the IDF, "It's Yehareg ve'al ya'avor (Let him be killed rather than transgress)," he said.