Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Livni: Obama's comments a wake-up call; Likud: Livni Enlisting World Against Israel

With a week to go, the comments made by US President Barack Obama opened Hatnu'a Chairwoman Tzipi Livni's political platform presentation.

"All Israeli citizens should have received a wake-up call this morning." said Livni at the press conference . "Everybody who has not yet awakened, everyone who still thinks things will be fine -- got up this morning to very sharp and clear statements by the U.S. President who said that the Israeli Prime Minister is leading the State of Israel towards severe isolation."

"If a dramatic change does not occur and those sitting on the fence do not come out to vote -- Israel will continue to be led into isolation which will lead to violence and the impact we are already seeing in the economic situation," Livni warned.

She also said that the relationship between the US and Israel is not one to be tested. "The United States is a key part of Israel's national security," said Livni. "You can like or dislike the President of the United States, but we're talking about our greatest friendship and the security of Israel, so these things should awake every Israeli citizen. This is a wake-up call."

The Likud party released a statement in response, stating: "unfortunately, Livni continues to attempt to enlist the world against Israel instead of standing with the prime minister against Iran. Retreating is not leading."