Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fire Erupts Political Spectrum over Video of Bayit Yehudi's #14; Hysterical Bennett lashes out at Netanyahu

Livni Party MK Yoel Hasson said Saturday evening that he would ask the committee to disqualify Gimpel on the grounds that he had voiced incitement to racism.

"The mask of the cool start-up guy has been ripped from the face of [Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali] Bennett," the Livni Party said. "The strange list that he is taking to the Knesset seeks to inflame the Middle East and to bring on a third World War with its crazy visions of building a temple."

Bayit Yehudi leader Nafatali Bennett also defended Gimpel, saying that the video showed a Bible lesson, and was not a call to blow up the Temple Mount. Bennett expressed frustration that reports about him and his list came out on Shabbat when they could not respond.

 "I'm very proud of my list and I'm proud of Jeremy Gimpel," Bennett said.

Bennett accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of launching an offensive against the national religious public in an unusually harsh statement at Channel 2's "Meet the Press."

"Mr. Prime Minister, your name is on this campaign and it reminds me of what was done to you after Rabin's murder when you were linked to a demonstration in Ra'anana which involved a coffin portrayed as Rabin's coffin," Bennett said.
Bennnett accused the prime minister of "launching an ugly campaign against the national religious public of unprecedented proportions. He takes a person likes Moti Yogev, a company commander at Sayeret Matkal, a battalion commander at the Paratroopers' Brigade and makes him out to be narrow minded."

Directly addressing Netanyahu he added, "Do you really stand behind this rift you have created at the expense of the amazing national religious public, how do you do it Mr. Prime Minister?"

The Likud-Beitenu said in response, "With his hysteric performance, Bennett tried to divert attention away from his list and to that end he was willing to embarrassingly attack the prime minister, whom he himself put on his billboard ads. It's sad that to hide his list and mislead the public, Bennett has stooped so low."