Thursday, January 17, 2013

Likud: Bayit Yehudi "supporting Netanyahu, voting Bennett" Ads - Misleading, Manipulative and Deceitful

The Bayit Yehudi's advertisements are manipulative and deceitful, Likud Beytenu wrote in a petition to the Central Election Committee on Thursday evening against ads with both Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on it, Gil Hoffman reports.


Likud Beitenu submitted a complaint to the Central Election Committee Thursday evening, demanding that the ads be removed immediately and that they not appear in Friday's newspapers.

"The purpose of the advertisements is to deceive voters in the right-wing bloc, to mislead them and to manipulate them in an unfair and forbidden way with a false message, as if the prime minister is telling voters he has enough votes and his victory is ensured, so he wants them to vote for Bennett," the petition reads.  

The complaint also points out that Bennett may not be in the next coalition, and says the advertisements falsely imply that he already negotiated with Netanyahu about joining the next government. "Such an agreement or understanding never existed," Likud Beitenu added. 

A Bayit Yehudi spokeswoman responded to the Likud Beytenu's allegations, saying there is no reason for the latter party to be concerned. "We will be strong together with Prime Minister Netanyahu after the elections, to solve social issues and strengthen Israel's deterrence," the Bayit Yehudi stated.